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Mighty+Device+and+Home+ScreenThere should be something listening music anytime and anywhere without carry your mobile phone or tablets. The Samsung team developed a much better solution by offering Qualcomm and MOG alums created “Mighty”. Its size is much similar to iPod device that allows you to enjoy your favorite song’s playlist without carry your mobile phone or smart-phone device. You only need to install specific app for Mighty then sync your available playlists to the gadget using WiFi or Bluetooth, and now you are ready to go anywhere. Basically, the device uses the available features in order to spotify and for royalty purpose, it observes monthly sync.

You should not to take worry because it performs these tasks in the background. Mighty would allow you to Spotify up to three offline devices, but it would pick one of them. This device is available in a soft-touch rubber shell with a durable clip. The on-board controls manage all the common tasks such as next track, volume control, play and pause. You will find a tiny button at the top-right corner that enables you to scroll your playlist in finding your favorite songs. Mighty will find the name of list, so should not wait for guessing to start the first song of the play list. After realizing the changes in your playlist, the app would initiate a notification with displaying the sync status and memory space on the screen. Mighty has 2GB built in memory and it has a handsome battery that can play songs more than 48 hours. Its starting price is supposed at 79 U.S dollars in November.

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