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ThinkBook Plus

Lenovo Announced 17.3-inch Laptop with 8-inch LCD Screen as Magic Launcher

Lenovo brings an untraditional approach to PCs and presented its ThinkBook Plus series in 2020. The company now used it to build extraordinary form factors, such as previous replication using an e-ink screen. Lenovo has removed its 2nd panel of numerical keyboard and added a full-color 8-inch 800 x 1,280 LCD and an integrated digitizer layer to enable stylus support. The main screen of this new laptop features a 17.3-inch IPS display at 3K resolution. The machine runs Windows 11 with various more orientations, including typical snap shortcuts. However, Windows 11 will just consider the 8-inch LCD as an external screen. The ThinkBook Plus was responsive at snapping apps and a whiteboard tool that turns the panel into a notepad, as a digital Numpad. Continue reading

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft added a New Feature ‘Followable Web’ to recapture the RSS Feed

Microsoft is adding a new feature ‘Followable Web’ to recapture the RSS feed for its Edge web browser. However, the feature is currently obtainable to the Edge Canary early access channel members. The new feature enables Edge users to ‘Follow’ websites to get the most recently updated and organized list. User’s followed sites can be seen in a panel on the side of the Edge browser. Continue reading

5 Best Employee Monitoring Ways

5 Best Employee Monitoring Ways to Begin in 2022

In the present time, nothing is advancing quicker than the innovation area. When we would never envision calling somebody with the exception of utilizing a landline telephone. However, at that point, the PDAs were dispatched. Presently, with the most recent cell phones, we can call somebody and hear them as well as we can see them too. Continue reading

China has become World’s Leader of New Nuclear Energy Technology

China has now become the world’s biggest promoter and leader of new nuclear energy technology. Chinese Huaneng Group Co. connected its first small modular reactor to the power grid. The China Nuclear Energy Association released a statement in a WeChat post. The company installed its 200-megawatt unit 1 reactor at Shidao Bay and now feeding power to the grid in Shandong province. Continue reading