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Fujifilm X-H2 camera

Fujifilm to Launch X-H2 Camera after 10 Years of Fujifilm X-Pro1 at Annual X-Summit

Some tech sites have reported that iPhone is supposedly planning to celebrate its 15th anniversary. But photographers are more excited regarding the 10th anniversary of the Fujifilm X-series. The event will reportedly mark the announcement for the launch date of its most awaited Fujifilm X-H2 camera. Point to be noted that the company released its first X-series camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro1 around a decade ago. Now, the Director of Business & Product Development of Fujifilm, Yuji Igarashi announced that the company’s next X-Summit event will be held in May 2022. The annual X-Summit is considered one of the massive events of Fujifilm for product launch. However, the company didn’t mention the Fujifilm X-H2 by name, but Yuji Igarashi said the 5th Generation X-Series Cameras will be announced in 2022. Continue reading

photo Editor App

Top 10 Android Photo Editor Apps 2022

Everybody loves to take selfies. We take selfies when visiting our beloved spot or companions, or sometimes we take selfies in vain. Taking selfies and posting them on your online media stage is a pattern nowadays. Numerous cell phone producers have effectively begun dealing with the improvement of selfie cameras. Additionally, many are accessible in the market with the best selfie cameras. There is an assortment of photo editors accessible on the lookout. We attempt to make our photos more excellent and utilize numerous photo editing applications. Continue reading


LG Display announced OLED EX Tech to fix a Major issue of OLED Displays

LG Display has announced the ‘OLED EX’, claiming its next generation of OLED technology. The company also claimed the new tech would efficiently empower brightness up to 30% than the traditional OLED displays. The new tech could supposedly help to fix a major deficiency of OLED to mini-LED tech, which has a deficiency in overall brightness. Continue reading

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft added a New Feature ‘Followable Web’ to recapture the RSS Feed

Microsoft is adding a new feature ‘Followable Web’ to recapture the RSS feed for its Edge web browser. However, the feature is currently obtainable to the Edge Canary early access channel members. The new feature enables Edge users to ‘Follow’ websites to get the most recently updated and organized list. User’s followed sites can be seen in a panel on the side of the Edge browser. Continue reading

Best Way to Use the Home Depot Health Check App

Home Depot Health Check AppThe Home Depot Health Check application is available at the Google play store and at many other destinations. It is an easy-to-use and dynamic application that is focused on view card times, plans audits, and presenting solicitations to many labor force executives. There are also different plans for employees, which can be accessed by employees. It is important to remember that there are different requirements for associates and regular visitors. It is important to note which category you fall under before registering for an account. Continue reading

Linux Foundation launched VMM “Virtual Machine Monitoring” Software

Linux Foundation launched VMM “Virtual Machine Monitoring” SoftwareThe Linux Foundation officially announced the launch of its own virtual machine monitoring software. The Foundation issued a statement and said the software will host the Cloud Hypervisor project in order to deliver Continue reading

Microsoft Edge has become World’s 3rd Most Popular Browser after stealing Google Chrome users

Microsoft Edge has become World’s 3rd Most Popular Browser after stealing Google Chrome usersThe latest discovery from Statcounter has indicated that the Microsoft Edge market share rose 4% for the first time ever in November 2021. It marks the browser’s place as the world’s third most popular service, just behind Continue reading

Explore a New Secret Super Duper Secure Mode of Microsoft Edge

Explore a New Secret Super Duper Secure Mode of Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft has now silently launched a New Mode for its web browser Edge. The New Mode offers a better security level, in exchange for some loss of functions. Tech giant taunted Super Duper Secure Mode in the summer and is now Continue reading

Enhance Laptop Battery Life using these Simple Steps

Increase Laptop Battery LifeModern laptops are much more efficient compared to their predecessors but some earlier versions need to increase battery life. However, some devices often endure for 14 hours or more but inexpensive desktop-replacement laptops and Continue reading