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Latest Gadget News Confirms Huawei Announced Harmony OS
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On Friday, Huawei announced the latest version of its mobile operating system for Chinese consumers. The latest gadget news said the enhanced AI assistant OS version is called the “Harmony OS 4”. The reinforced giant escalates struggles to reestablish robustness for its smartphone business.

The Shenzhen-based telecom company is seeking to recover from the US sanctions imposed in 2019. These sanctions disconnected the country from key technologies such as 5G chips, software, and semiconductors. US sanctions critically damaged its global smartphone business.

The move also degraded the firm from its number one position. These sanctions cut Huawei off from the Android mobile operating system of Google. American restrictions critically destroyed the smartphone business of the company outside of China.

Huawei Launched Harmony OS 4 in 2019

Huawei launched its own operating system in a significant move to replace Android, called Harmony OS, in 2019. Huawei is constantly developing new versions of the system with the objective to reestablish some share in the smartphone market.

The launch of Harmony OS 4 on Friday spotlights the desire of the company to recover power for its smartphone business. CEO of Huawei’s consumer business and intelligent automotive solution business groups, Yu Chengdong, issued a statement.

On Friday, Chengdong said during the Huawei Developer Conference 2023 that the company’s flagship smartphones are making a rebound. Huawei is dedicated on grueling to retrieving market share in China and discovered some success in 2019.

The market share of the company boosted to 13% in China in the 2nd quarter of the year 2023. During the same period in 2022, the share significantly improved from 7.4%. The smartphone shipments of the company also boosted at least 76% year-over-year.

Huawei’s High-end Core Objective to Contest Apple

The strategy of Huawei has become more sophisticated. It seems to contest in the premium segment of the smartphone market, instead of throughout all sectors. Chengdong said the smartphones of the company marked second place in the high-end part.

He said the firm is making a rapid comeback with revenge. The smartphone is priced at least $600 in China in the segment. The share of Huawei boosted to 18.4% in the 2nd quarter of 2023 against 6.7% in the same period last year.

The high-end core objective of Huawei makes sense as Chinese customers are not ordinarily happy to pay more for smartphones. Huawei also released its Mate X3 foldable smartphone this year.

Mate X3 foldable and the flagship P60 smartphones helped the company to improve its premium share segment. The company has planned to reestablish the 5G smartphone market at the end of this year, regardless of the cut-off from crucial foreign chips.

The latest technology news reported that the company will be able to domestically acquire 5G chips. However, 5G refers to the next-gen mobile internet technology promising super-fast internet connection and speeds.

Meanwhile, the flagship devices of the company do not have this feature as a result of the US sanctions. A research analyst at IDC, Will Wong, said it entirely makes sense for Huawei to cornerstone on the premium segment.

It is noteworthy that the high-end segment was more irrepressible in the shadowy Chinese market. But the company can also grasp its premium brand name in China as other Chinese traders and dealers were still trying for. Premium products can possibly produce more beneficial revenue and productivity.

New Tech Gadgets Showed a Major Software Push

Huawei has designed an operating system for smartphones and other devices such as TVs and wearables. New tech gadgets confirmed that it is part of the company’s high-end approach rotates around Harmony Operating System.

The objective of the company is to develop unified software throughout multiple customer electronics classifications, much similar to Apple. The tech giant said it will present a Harmony OS with a more intelligent and personalized user experience.

Huawei said the Harmony OS presently runs on at least 700 million devices including tablets, smartphones, and watches. The latest technology trends said the new version of Huawei’s AI voice assistant Celia offers assistant features on smart devices.

The AI assistant Celia is trained with the Pangu AI model of Huawei to boost production in life and at work. The tech giant launched Pangu 3.0 version aimed to maximize the AI bang and ChatGPT turmoil. More than 200 million mobile phone users collaborate with Celia every month.

The director of consumer business at Huawei, Jia Yongli, issued a statement. She said people can collaborate with Celia not only voice but also documents, texts, pictures, and more. They can also type to cooperate with Celia if they do not find the right time to talk.

Yongli said dialogues between users and Celia are seemingly more natural and inherent. Celia can also execute a number of tasks such as writing emails, summaries, official documents, and translation. The company said people will get a set of new features to invited users in August.

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Huawei constantly Efforts to Overseas Markets

The IDC said the smartphone regeneration of Huawei will supposedly be restricted to China. It reckoned for 89% of its smartphone shipments in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

The key reason is that smartphones of Huawei still do not have 5G. The Harmony OS doesn’t have major apps such as Google, outside of China.

Wong said it is not a simple task to reestablish ground overseas. He also suggested that most users have now shifted to other smartphone brands with the lack of Huawei’s key features.

He added that the company will take significant time to get the users moved back. But the latest tech news said it is possible if Huawei addresses the key issues of its products in the overseas market.

Huawei maintains significant users in its friendly markets and is moving towards betterment. The future moves from the company will decide more or less collaboration from users to join the platform.

The recent talks between the US and Chinese officials have also reduced the higher tension. It will open new horizons for the Chinese tech giant to present its new inventions in the US market.

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