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The home page of YouTube Music is expected to feature a new design for playlists. The upcoming design shows a new playlist card providing more details related to a playlist. It offers information regarding the creator of a playlist, song count, 3 songs from the playlist, and rapid action buttons.

However, YouTube Music is currently showing playlists in a similar way to creating other groups of songs on the home tab. But this feature will now get a new look very soon. The platform is supposedly pushing a new home page design for playlists. The new playlists display as cards with almost all the information. An authentic news outlet 9to5Google also reported a similar story.

Some YouTube users have instantly obtained access to its Music’s new card. It efficiently makes home tab playlists look more appealing. However, the platform didn’t release information regarding the availability of this new design, while the new feature is under testing. The app will display a playlist card in the home feed with more information.

The New Home Screen Design will Display Album Art & Artists

The new design will include a playlist art on the top-left corner, a song count, a playlist owner, and 3 songs in a playlist. There is also a row of action buttons at the bottom. It enables users to play a song, start the radio, and add a song to their own playlist. The new advancement would mark a major improvement from the traditional home screen design of tabs.

Meanwhile, it would only display racks with album art and artists. This feature would enable users to easily discover songs added to a playlist than just finding the artist. The service has implemented various alterations in the past. The platform focused on presenting simple discoveries to its subscribers to compete with excellent music streaming apps.

YouTube Music is Constantly Developing its Algorithm

Moreover, YouTube Music recently enhanced its algorithm related to song radio to help the discovery of new artists. The platform added a playlist discoverability feature in 2021. This feature approved a combination of categorized and user-generated playlists at the end of the user’s personal playlists. YouTube Music is also continuously developing and transforming.

The latest modification has a fairly new design for Android featuring the common playlist view. In early 2022, the redesign was discovered during testing and it just showed running on Android tablets instead of mobile. A reliable news outlet Android Police first spotted the new design. The outlet said the YouTube Music playlist is expected to be released and widely appear on various devices.

Android Users will Get a New Playlist Design

However, everyone will not get this new design because there are variations across multiple Android devices. Keep in mind that Android users can only get this new design view but not iOS devices. The current playlist view is more familiar since YouTube Music became the major music streaming application. In 2020, the dismissal of Google Play Music significantly supported YouTube Music.

Meanwhile, users will find the centrally aligned album art variety when they load a curated or created playlist. The first 2 lines of subheadings describe who made the playlist and its last update. The cover art is placed near to the vertical text on the right and highlighted artist images on the left. The circular logo of YouTube Music appears at the top-left corner. Users will also get more dedicated controls to access, download, edit, and share information.

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