Car Manufacturers used an alleged Software to increase prices of Spare Parts

Car makers and spare parts pricesMost people have experienced the painful feeling when their car manufacturer charged extremely disgraceful prices for parts. Software might be the alleged reason for this terrible experience. Some documents collected by Reuters from a lawsuit. These documents are indicating that Renault, Peugeot, Jaguar Land Rover, and other car manufacturers have been using Accenture software “Partneo”. This software recommends a periodically increase the prices of spare parts based on observed value. The Partneo would recommend an increase in the price to a specific level if a branded part or other component seems expensive and vehicle owners still need to pay. It would then analyze parts based on surely there was pricing control over specific parts to prevent complaint generation. This software had bent companies such as Volvo and BMW, but both have indicated that they aren’t using Accenture.

Point to be noted that Honda has also dropped, but didn’t comment on the report. The report of Reuters actually covered a specific time period between 2009 and 2015. The lawsuit was filed by Laurent Boutboul (software creator) and blamed Accenture for destroying its reputation by using the software to break the European competition rules. The Accenture has refused the allegations that its software was discriminatory and said that it was being used to improve spare parts availability. Peugeot, Jaguar, and Renault claimed that their prices of spare parts were legal, fair, and mainly targeted on availability and performance. The antitrust regulator of France said that Partneo was examined and didn’t find any reason to initiate a complete investigation.

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