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SharePoint development, also called Microsoft Office Web Apps Development, is a type of application development that is used to create a website or an application that integrates the features of SharePoint Server with other software. This software can be hosted on Microsoft’s own web server as well as on third-party servers.

SharePoint development is often used to develop and customize enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, document management systems, intranets, collaboration, business intelligence, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

SharePoint Development Overview

SharePoint development consists of three main steps. The first step involves the development of the actual website or application and the customization of the existing SharePoint website. This part of SharePoint development is referred to as custom development.

In the second step, the development team can extend the SharePoint functionality by using the available SharePoint objects such as lists, sites, libraries, etc. This part is called SharePoint extension development. Finally, the last step involves the deployment of the SharePoint solution to the target environment. This step is called deployment.

SharePoint Development Process

The process of developing a SharePoint solution includes the following three steps:

Step # 1: Custom Development In this step, the development team creates an application that is specific to SharePoint, and then they customize the existing SharePoint website.

Step # 2: SharePoint Extension Development In this step, the development team extends the SharePoint functionality by creating new objects or modifying existing ones.

Step # 3: Deployment In this step, the development team deploys their SharePoint solution to the target environment.

SharePoint Development for Business

SharePoint development is a very big topic. There are many different types of it that people do. The key to getting it done right is to follow the best practices and avoid doing things that aren’t allowed. Here are some best practices that you can follow to get the job done.

One of the best practices for developing applications for SharePoint is to create a SharePoint Foundation application. SharePoint Foundation is a free version of SharePoint that is perfect for small businesses and organizations. This application should be installed on a single server. Using this version of SharePoint gives you the flexibility to do a lot of customization.

Tools for Development

Microsoft has released some tools and services that are very useful for developing a modern business-ready application. These include the Microsoft Office 365 platform, the SharePoint platform, the Azure cloud platform, Visual Studio, and PowerShell. All these tools and services offer a rich set of features and services that can be used to enhance business processes, increase productivity, and drive digital transformation.

In addition, the Microsoft Office 365 platform offers a rich set of features and services that can be used to enhance business processes, increase productivity, and drive digital transformation. The SharePoint platform provides a collaborative platform to help organizations and businesses manage documents, information, and knowledge. Azure is a cloud platform that helps you create, store, access, and manage data.

 New and Better Versions of SharePoint

SharePoint is an online collaboration tool that is used by millions of people across the world. SharePoint is used to manage documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This software was initially created by Microsoft and it’s now been around for almost 20 years. This is the latest version of SharePoint and it has a new look.


  • What are the benefits of using this new SharePoint version?
  • And how will it benefit your business?

The new SharePoint is built with a mobile-first approach. This means that users will have access to the same features regardless of whether they’re accessing the site on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Final Words

Al Rafay Consulting, or ARC, is a team of SharePoint experts. They know their stuff well. They specialize in SharePoint solutions. The SharePoint team at ARC has a wealth of experience in providing SharePoint development services.

SharePoint is powerful and it can be used to create a Portal or Application within a few days. You can do anything you want with SharePoint solutions, but creating more complex solutions takes longer.

Please get in touch with ARC for more information and queries.

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