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YouTube TV announced plans to add 5.1 surround sound support for the company’s streaming TV package around a year ago. However, the chief product officer of YouTube, Neal Mohan informed a news outlet earlier this year. He said the new features from the social media platform will arrive very soon. Now, you will find new devices featuring the most recent Chromecast with Google TV.

The social platform has now announced the release of an attractive audio experience to Roku, Google TV, and Android TV. Moreover, it would support existing surround sound on typical Chromecasts and TVs from LG, Samsung, and Vizio. The YouTube TV support page said it will turn on automatically for a compatible hardware setup and program with 5.1 audio.

There is a way to check if you are watching a program and experiencing it isn’t exactly coming from your desired option. You must open up the actually named ‘Stats for Nerds’ window. However, you can find AC-3/EAC-3 under the codecs section to ensure you are on the correct feed. The update in March indicated that YouTube is continuously internally working with collaborators.

Google’s Chromecast Video Streaming Adapter

The company is working hard to implement the features on those platforms. Users are hopeful of getting a few additional channels and need to stream their YouTube TV subscription package on another device. The other devices include Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and others.

Moreover, Protocol announced in January that Google is working on an affordable Chromecast video streaming adapter. It would offer around 1080p resolution and is expected to go for sale as the Chromecast HD with Google TV. A new Google lawsuit with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has now suggested that the device will arrive very soon.

FCC Filing doesn’t confirm Chromecast

Keep in mind that the FCC lawsuit doesn’t actually verify or affirm Chromecast. However, it has now just devoted or stipulated the Google G454V, but there isn’t any specific leaked picture. The lawsuit just mentioned a wireless device with Bluetooth LE, dual-band 2.4GHz, and 5GHz 802.11 ac. It is important that the EUT is the gadget we are discussing.

The Verge has provided a diagram supposedly showing a map of its entire connection. You will find how it is beyond the LCD display. This diagram also shows how it isn’t connected to the LCD display with any cable. You will discover that the only cable plugged into it is a power cable. But it is yet to be confirmed whether the power cable is a USB.

New Device has a Remote Control

You will also find in a related part of the lawsuit that the device was tested for streaming video at 1080p. There are some other types of gadgets involved beyond a screen in spite of Chromecast. You could supposedly pipe streaming video to a wireless soundbar or a device to pass video to the TV. It also has a remote control, but the HDMI cable wasn’t connected to the device during the test.

Moreover, Google has continuously preferred barrel jacks for power through its Nest smart device series. But the company has a gadget with USB power and a remote controller. You can directly plug in the USB power cable into a screen without additional cables. Meanwhile, every device that hits the FCC filing doesn’t get released and manufacturers traditionally submit them after finalizing the lawsuit.

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