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Although it may seem daunting to consider switching to a SaaS-based SaaS HRIS, you’ll regret not making a move sooner once you realize how beneficial your company and your job will be.

The traditional HRIS systems are rapidly aging, and organizations are shifting to cloud-based solutions. Why? SaaS (Software as a Service), is a better option than on-premise systems. It makes your job much easier.

You can improve your user experience by moving to a cloud-based model. This includes updating your software quickly and resolving support issues faster with better insight into your system. You’ll enjoy enhanced security and best-in-class cloud defense protocols. Additionally, you will be able to access new features and functionality faster by moving to the cloud.

Cloud-based software has many silver linings, especially when combined with the benefits of fewer manual tasks and not hiring an IT team to manage their solutions.

What is Software as a Service?

Software as a Service (SaaS), is hosted or cloud-based software that can be accessed 24 hours a day via the Internet. SaaS platforms don’t require companies to host their software. This means that they don’t need to worry about installing security updates or bug fixes or installing release and security patches. The software provider typically charges a monthly subscription fee or per employee per day fee (PEPM), and takes care of all system maintenance, updates, and upgrades.

SaaS Benefits for HR and Payroll Professionals

Cloud-based workforce software is rapidly becoming a popular choice for many companies in the HCM industry. Here’s why:

Payroll on any device

It is more important than ever to have remote and hybrid capabilities. Cloud-based workforce management tools allow you to access your information from anywhere and anytime.

Traditional on-premise payroll management system store data on one computer. This makes it difficult to transfer payroll to another device. SaaS means you don’t have to be present to complete your work at your desk. You can access your payroll data from the cloud and run it from any Internet-enabled device.

Automatic Updates

SaaS payroll products offer new features and product updates without additional costs to your business. You may lose the latest version of the software if you miss an update.  SaaS solutions are easy to use and upgrade automatically. There’s no need to worry about upgrade fees or tedious installations.

Efficient integration

You’re probably familiar with the difficulties of integrating software on-premise. It cannot be easy to synchronize business systems. Cloud-based software provides application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow your company to integrate systems and share data in real-time seamlessly. You’ll be able to save time and enjoy a better experience.

Increased Productivity

Platform accessibility leads to increased productivity. Managers can focus on the bigger picture by streamlining their processes and decreasing redundant data-entry tasks. Your workforce will benefit from this efficiency as well. Your team can use the self-service portal or mobile to complete their tasks, saving you time and money.

Security & Resilience

You don’t have to worry about external storage systems failing when you move to the cloud. You can trust industry-leading security tools for data protection. Your data is automatically backed up and replicated in multiple places.

Better troubleshooting

Your provider can quickly access client databases to troubleshoot problems and test solutions in production-like environments.  Being on the cloud makes it much easier for everyone to resolve problems. Your provider can take proactive measures to fix errors as soon as they are discovered. Continuous review is also possible. You can get fixes immediately, so you won’t have to wait for an issue to resolve.

Better data

Your provider will gain more insight into the use of their product over time. This will allow them to develop features and functionality you want and need, improving your product and service experience.

You’ve learned everything there is to know about payroll software. Using such technologies for a small business might provide several fantastic advantages. So, what do you have to lose? Take a step forward and select UBS PAYROLL, one of the finest payroll software for small businesses on our list.

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