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Viber has Announced a New Business Inbox Feature

The elimination of messiness in your home can provide a more efficiently managed and comfortable environment. It purely depends on your productivity and your entire mental health condition. But you can also rearrange your inbox and efficiently maintain various types of messages. Moreover, Rakuten Viber presented a dedicated space to its Business Inbox around the globe.

Business Inbox effectively separates personal chats from proprietary alerts to provide significant control over your app experience. This effectively moves directly to the Business Inbox on mobile instead of getting alerts showing in your feed from Viber. Meanwhile, Viber has now added more services, communication channels, and various features.

The chief revenue officer of Viber Cristina Constandache issued a press statement on Thursday, January 27. The recent advancement enables Viber to offer more value to both brands and users in a perfect manner. She said these features also confirm users can get business alerts just from authorized brands of Viber. It would effectively prevent imitation and cheaters.

Essential Information Related to Business Inbox of Viber

Viber has introduced the Business Inbox as one of the 2 major features for 2023. The key objective of this invention is to become Viber a Super App. However, you just need to download version 18.0 or higher and Business Inbox will automatically appear on your Viber feed. Go to the Play Store or App Store to check and update the app if you have already installed Viber.

All messages from brands registered with Viber will go to the Business Inbox after an upgrade or a fresh installation. Moreover, it will also automatically appear at the top of your inbox. Most people need a specific business account back to their main screen of Chats. They can efficiently customize their inbox according to their specific needs.

You Can Perform the Operation Using the Following Steps:

You can unpin the Business Inbox and the Chats screen will eventually arrange it according to the received latest alert.

You can move any brand beyond the revolutionary Business Inbox into the main screen of Chats.

You can also pin any business transaction or discussion on top of the Business Inbox.

Keep in mind that Viber also released its Commercial Account feature besides its Business Account. This new feature enables users to discover brands comfortably and start in-app conversations. You need to just type the name of the business on the search bar you need to engage with. It will show your verified account on the app for excellent and remarkable communication with the brand.

Viber Described Business Messages

Most companies send Business Messages if you subscribed earlier to allow promotional messages. People who have received a service or interacted with the company in the past can also receive Business Messages. They can also look for Viber’s verified icon to identify them next to their name. The messages will appear in their chat similar to any other chat.

Users can also delete or pin it to the top of their chat list. They need to type the name of the firm or a message in the search field of their chat screen. It would enable them to find a Business Message. Open the message, go to the top of the screen and click on the information icon.

Preventing Receiving Business Messages

People can select to prevent receiving all Business Messages. They can also choose the companies that they need to stop hearing from.

However, individual companies need to open Viber on their Phone. They need to select Business Message chat, go to the top of the screen and click on the Information icon. It would enable users to switch the Receive messages option OFF.

Users can also customize for All Business Messages option. They need to Open Viber on their phone and click More (Android/ iOS).  Click on the Settings option and tap the Calls and Messages option. Go to find Receive Business Messages and uncheck OFF the option.

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