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Twitter Presents a Default ‘For You’ Page and ‘Following’ Tab

Multiple reports have indicated that Twitter is looking to modify how users move between chronological feeds and algorithmic timelines. However, the platform has replaced the star button at the top right with “For You”, and the other “Following” button. The “For You” distributes the same name as the algorithmic motivated feed of TikTok.

The old “Home” feed displays tweets from people you already followed. It shows people following out of order alongside tweets users could like. Keep in mind that the “Following” tab brings up a timeline of the more recent tweets. The new integrated modification has shown the transformation between the two timelines simply for users. The recent alteration confirms CEO Elon Musk’s tweet on December 20, 2022.

Swipe Between Top Trending and Followed Topics

Musk said the key timeline must grant for a simple sideways smack between latest and trending topics you follow. He said his company will obviously make modifications to address it. The social media platform hasn’t yet released a feature that enables users to move between trending and followed topics. This wasn’t the first time the social platform follows a TikTok trend.

Last year, the social media platform presented a limitless scroll of videos feed in the Explore button. Meanwhile, theverge.com also reported a similar story. It said Twitter is altering the mechanism of movement between algorithmically-inspired timeline and the underneath chronologic one. This also makes the algorithmic feed the default.

Twitter Replaced the Star Button with Two New Tabs

The company has moved the star button at the top right in a latest change initially offering to iOS users. Keep in mind that the star button enables users to switch between two different feeds. The platform added two tabs for the replacement; the first tab shows “For You” and the other shows “Following”. Users will see the “For You” tab first when they open the app.

Meanwhile, the tab of “For You” shares a similar name with algorithmically-motivated TikTok feed. This is same to the earlier “Home” feature that shows users out-of-order tweets from people you follow. It integrates with tweets it determines you may like. However, the modification makes it easier to shift between them to make a single move instead of multiple taps.

For You Feed for Twitter Users

Moreover, it would traditionally stick if you customize your app to present users the Latest Tweets. Users will find the For You feed when you close the app and reopen it. There are significant numbers of people who supposedly prefer the reverse-chronological feed. They need to find previous attempts to get rid of it or make it stronger have traditionally sparked anger.

However, this modification would make it technically simple to get to from the algorithmic timeline. It obviously and efficiently brings the latter features that are difficult to ignore. Keep in mind that the old interface containing the star button is available on the web and on Android. The latest change confirms Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s earlier promise.

Elon Musk bought Twitter in October 2022

Musk tweeted on December 20 that the major timeline would enable users softer and easier sideways moves. They can swipe between the latest and top trending topics that you are following. He said the company has focused on making this change permanent very soon. However, there isn’t any option to communicate between top trending and followed topics.

Last month, the social platform re-launched its debatable subscription Twitter Blue and paid-for check marks. The move came on the same day Musk disclosed the Trust and Safety Council of the platform. It also marked another day of the commotion that has staunched the company since Musk acquired it in October 2022. Keep in mind that Twitter Blue is the subscription service the social platform offers.

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