TikTok has now decided to expand the pilot program of its Stories feature. The platform was also confirmed last summer for its development and testing.

The new feature allows Stories to stay visible and automatically delete after 24 hours, similar to an Instagram story. You can navigate to a user’s profile and click the profile picture to view these stories.

These Stories are reportedly appearing on the For You page. A creator can experience how many people are viewing the posted story but can’t find details about viewers, unlike Instagram.

However, you can like a story and leave a public comment. But commenters on Instagram can just reply directly to the poster in a private message.

How to Post a Story on TikTok?

Click the ‘Post’ button at the bottom navigation bar of the TikTok app to post a story. Scroll down to a ‘quick’ camera mode in order to post a photo or a video to your story.

You will find the creative options for these videos similar to normal TikTok videos. It would enable video creators to use filters, reply to comments, and more.

Meanwhile, you will not get the same functionality for photos because you don’t want a recording timer for a photo. But you will have an option to add effects and music to your photos.

However, all users will not still have access to this feature. So, it seems you can’t see stories users uploaded with this feature if you don’t have the same feature.

The point to be noted is that users can gain access to the feature from a US-based account. But users also reported that they are accessing this feature from the UK to access stories.

TikTok has extended its Pilot Test

A news outlet also reported that the company has confirmed expanding a pilot test. It provides additional formats for creators to present their innovative ideas to life for the TikTok community.

The news outlet also reported on August 5, 2021, that Twitter has planned to terminate its ‘Fleets’ feature for Stories. But the company confirmed the Stories format will continue to interrupt other social media platforms.

TikTok also confirmed it is starting a pilot program for a new feature, TikTok Stories. It would enable the platform to explore additional paths for its community in bringing more creative ideas to life.

The company pointed out the new feature is another option to its current story tools such as Duets, LIVE, and Stitch. The new feature wasn’t designed to replace these already available tools. TikTok didn’t mention the pilot test duration before a public launch.

Publicly Comment on TikTok Stories

It is noteworthy that Twitter ended Fleets after a failure to make Stories effective on its social platform. However, this feature got more popular on other famous apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Most users believe the new product looks familiar to users of Stories on other social platforms with videos of TikTok Stories.

Users should tap a camera button within the new navigation bar to create their first Story. They can use common tools to add text, stickers, or insert sounds and effects to their story.

The new version of TikTok Stories allows users to publicly comment on the creator’s story, but these stories will disappear in 24 hours. The new feature allows creators to interact with the audiences to their more efficient TikTok video posts.

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