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Most TikTok ads and posts are traditionally acknowledged for thriving online traffic for brands. However, some brands have experienced a significant boost in their offline sales via their posted videos. Walmart, Publix, Target, and some other retailers are selling the prebiotic soda brand “Poppi”. The brand reported that at least 15% of sales are coming from the TikTok platform.

The founder of Poppi, Allison Ellsworth, issued a statement. She said around 80% to 90% of people made comments on the TikTok brand regarding where they purchased Poppi. Most of them purchased the soda at a physical store. Meanwhile, the video app is providing a considerable boost in offline sales. A skincare brand “Bubble” issued a similar statement.

Bubble said it experienced double sales via Walmart stores 2 weeks ago. The brand sold at least 70% of its overall stock portfolio at Ultra Beauty Stores. The boost follows a sudden move when a TikTok user posted a video that went viral. TikTok published a Nielsen Media Mix Model “Meta-Analysis” in January. It showed that CPG brands in the US had doubled their offline sales via paid promotion content on the platform.

Short-Form Video App has Massive Impacts

Meanwhile, the short-form viral video app has a broader impact on the two brands than a traditional digital media advertising platform. The TikTok platform also maintained to become a more beneficial advertising channel. It has supported a large number of small and medium-volume businesses running ads on its platform over the last year. Modern Retail is one of the brands that have discovered pulling videos work efficiently in thriving offline sales.

Ellsworth said that Poppi has tried to find the major way to measure what kind of offline sales TikTok lifts. The firm discovered that TikTok is thriving in sales through comments. Ellsworth also pointed out that a shopper from a week ago made one of the top comments to their TikTok content. The comment said that he loves Poppi and informed many people about it. He went to Target today, especially for it.

Digital Marketing 80% Boosted Offline Sales for Poppi

However, Poppi estimated that its 80% lift in offline sales is entirely related to its digital marketing efforts. TikTok also contributed 30% to 40% in that boost and experienced it based on other industry data and brands. Poppi is arranging an official survey from January through February. It would enable the company to more efficiently measure the impact of TikTok on in-store sales of the brand.

Ellsworth said the company is collaborating with TikTok to bring more offline impact using different zip codes. However, Poppi is turning off some paid promotions and other measures to find out if it is actually impacting in-store sales. The preliminary internal data for Target has indicated some major achievements. It showed some of the excellent performing stores for Poppi are in Ohio, North Dakota, and Cincinnati.

TikTok doesn’t Discriminate on ZIP Code

Meanwhile, TikTok actually doesn’t differentiate on zip code. She said beverage brands often give out samples at grocery stores and attempt to bring new customers. Most of them reached 30 people excellently in less than an hour. The company can now reach thousands of people with TikTok without actually concerning ZIP codes. It is the overall way of marketing through this remarkable first lens.

Ellsworth added that she doesn’t believe you can have such an impact on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The skincare brand Bubble is just 2 years old but the popularity of videos is making the primary purchase consideration. The vice president of business development at Bubbly Beauty, Bonnie Szucs, issued a statement. He said it isn’t the main promoters with millions of followers involved in bringing it viral.

A Viral Video Initially Posted on December 27

A video of one creator viewed 400,000 times but brought just 700 followers. Szucs said her video was initially posted on December 27 and was supposedly a kind of kickoff. There were around 8 videos that all happened at once. She posted one video on January 2 showing her Walmart haul featuring the gel moisturizer of Bubble Beauty. However, Bubble started to experience a correlated rise in Walmart sales from January 2, 2023.

Szucs added that the company actually doubled its sales on the week and experienced a large take-off for Slam Dunk. Meanwhile, a similar scenario was found at Ultra and the reaction was around 2 to 3 days from the viral video. The brand ultimately sold 70% of its overall stock portfolio at Ultra within the week after the video went viral. Bubble data has shown a 300% boost in Walmart sales, compared to the 4Q of 2022.

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