The most brilliant way of communicating is Graphic designing. There is no saying that Graphic designs can boost your overall success but they can play a very important role. They can bring an excellent opportunity for you to thrive in the market. Another factor which is important along with graphic designing is your portfolio. You’ll find many designs carrying around a hard copy of their designs, but now all they have to do is visit your portfolio and know more than just your logo designs’ typography.

Here we have a list of some impressive graphic designing portfolios which can help you create your own. All these portfolios have instructions to be followed.

Lotta Nieminen

A renowned Author of children’s books and a Finnish Graphic designer, Lotta Nieminen is an amazing graphic designer.

The studio of Lotta Nieminen is known for its branding strategies. They are behind many brands all around the world, for their graphic designs.The main studios of Lotta are in New York and Paris.

The Key Features Of His Graphic Design Portfolio Is:

  • The borders give this portfolio the design of a book.
  • The borders are also portrayed as menu feature links to important pages.
  • The images are large which help in portfolio stand out.
  • The grid layout used lets the things portrayed as description cards.

The Portfolio Template To Be Used: Border.

This Border exists in the entire theme. This is a WordPress theme that makes a thick, white border as a view. This border is the home of the site’s logo, navigation, footer, and social media icons.

Atypical Creative

The said is an agency of creative designs which is known for its branding, social media design, content, web designing, and many such whatever the brands ask for.

Awards have also been awarded to this agency, and they have even received many awards for Graphic Design Courses in Rajkot, recognitions, mentions, and nominations for many online competitions.

The Key Features Of This Graphic Design Portfolio Is:

  • The split screen designs let the agency showcase many designs in small spaces.
  • Every design collection has a short description of the work.
  • Vertical slider.
  • The website has a white background with sans-serif font in black which lets the user/visitors focus solely on the colorful designs of the website.

The Portfolio Template To Be Used: Simpleux.

Simpleux is an HTML portfolio template, which comes with many vertical slider homepages to showcase your portfolios.

The template is created on Bootstrap and contains every file for HTML, CSS, and more. You’ll find many demo pages for homepages, gallery pages, and grids with several background effects.


A designer-based studio founded by Matt Avery in Chicago. Avery is a very well-known graphic designer who had a great name in the industry, which later has grown immensely after founding this company under the name Monograph.

The company is renowned for its Book covers for non-fiction books.

The Key Features Of This Graphic Design Portfolio Is:

  • Despite overlaps, every book cover can be clicked to view the project’s individual page. 
  • This site is seen with minimalist designs which are simply making it a collage of book covers. 
  • Overlapping book covers are used to create collages. 

The Portfolio Template To Be Used: Tahoe.

With multiple portfolio layouts, Tahoe is a WordPress theme. One of the features of this theme is the Masonry grid. It compacts every portfolio together without leaving any space. 

A simple sidebar lets you dominate your portfolio’s page designs. 

Design Army

From brand identity, advertising, fashion designing, web designing, and social media content, to art direction, Design Army is known as a multipurpose design agency. They have worked with clients like Human rights campaigns, PepsiCo, Disney, Netflix, Bloomingdale’s and such. Have been awarded several awards.

The Key Features Of This Graphic Design Portfolio Is:

  • Each slide lets the user have a full view of the full width.
  • The main navigation menu is hidden in a minimalist way.
  • The images used are of high quality which makes the bold art use highlighted.
  • The horizontal slider is interactive.

The Portfolio Template To Be Used: Cygni.

The layouts in Cygni come in light and dark shades. The layout displays are fullscreen and thin. These are sophisticated styles. The light theme is also the design Army’s homepage portfolio.

The big full screens sliders can be controlled both horizontally and vertically. With smooth animations.

Amber Xu

Amber Xu is a motion designer, and an art director based in New York. creates animations of brands and publications.

She has worked for Amazon, Shopify, Unilever, The wall street journal, xerox, and many such. Amber has achieved many awards and has been nominated multiple times. Awards like the National Digital Arts design competition, the Largo Film Awards, and the London Independent Film Awards.

The Key Features Of This Graphic Design Portfolio Is:

  • The items on the portfolio are in an alternate pattern: two columns followed by one column.
  • The portfolio items flow in one sequence as there is no space between items and columns.
  • Grid layout.
  • Ambers’ design style showcases the portfolio as a large puzzle.

The Portfolio Template To Be Used:  Werkstatt.

The worksheet is a WordPress theme which comes in multiple demos. The demos feature a tagline-style header at the top and a portfolio underneath.

Anastasia Gulenko

An art Director based in Paris, Anastasia Gulenko handles visual storytelling for many brands. She even takes control of web designing, videos, promotional photos and illustrations.

She works for Lush, Jowae, The chef’s Magazine, and on the Wild side.

The Key Features Of This Graphic Design Portfolio Is:

  • The neutral colors in Gulenko’s work make it stand out whenever it appears on the screen.
  • The chic and refined design style of the website makes the elegant serif font choice an amazing combination.
  • Every portfolio states the primary task that the artist was in charge of.

The Portfolio Template To Be Used: Rolly.

The template is a WordPress-based theme, which has an interactive list of clickable items. If you hover over any item, it will give you a fullscreen image appearance behind the list, taking up the whole space of the page.

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