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The GPT-3 Licensing agreement between Microsoft and OpenAIMicrosoft and OpenAI (artificial intelligence research organization) have announced a series of partnerships to deliver innovative solutions during the recent months. Microsoft delivered a $1 billion investment to OpenAI in July 2019. Point to be noted that Microsoft enhanced its partnership with OpenAI and announced the manufacturing of one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. The new supercomputer is Azure-hosted and serves as a training ground for OpenAI’s AI models. Microsoft has confirmed that OpenAI’s language model GPT-3 is the largest and most advanced language model in the world with 175 billion parameters. The recent deal between both companies will allow Microsoft to grip the natural language model to deliver new innovative solutions.

Microsoft recently announced an exclusive GPT-3 licensing agreement with OpenAI, on Tuesday. The executive VP and CTO at Microsoft, Kevin Scott said, “We see this as an incredible opportunity to expand our Azure-powered AI platform in a way that democratizes AI technology, enables new products, services, and experiences, and increases the positive impact of AI at Scale”. The announcement coincided with Microsoft’s annual Ignite developer conference held virtually this year due to the coronavirus epidemic. Moreover, Scott imagines a significant amount of potential applications for the natural language model although most of which we haven’t even imagined yet.

Scott details using the capabilities of GPT-3 to aid human ingenuity and creativity, specifically in the fields of composition and writing. The innovative applications could involve using the model to describe and summarize large blocks of long-form data including code and convert natural language into other languages, and more. Scott emphasized the broad untapped potential of the licensing stating that the possibilities are limited only by the ideas and scenarios that we bring to the table. Scott said, “Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. So, we want to make sure that this AI platform is available to everyone including researchers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to empower their ambitions to create something new and interesting”.

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