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The Combination of AI and Crypto Brings GPT-Powered Oncyber
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The latest tech news indicated that Web3 metaverse platform “Oncyber” has announced its AI-powered tool. It would reportedly enable users to use text commands to customize their virtual environments. The OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model powered this new tool and is called the “Magic Composer”. The newly announced tool utilizes text prompts for the implementation of real-time tweaks to Oncyber’s metaverse platforms.

Meanwhile, artists typically display their NFTs or digital assets using the platform. Oncyber enables users to showcase their NFTs in entirely magnetic 3D experiences. This tool is reportedly a multiverse for users and supports accessing NFTs from different chains and wallets. It includes SOL (Solana), MATIC (Polygon), ETH (Ethereum), and others.

A Statement from the CEO of Oncyber

A teaser video displayed that Oncyber automatically modifies the color and appearance of the sky with a line of text. This text line dropped into the Magic Composer by dropping in a creator’s NFT that works from an associated crypto wallet. It efficiently customizes the appearance and size of picture frames. CEO and founder of Oncyber, Rayan Boutaleb, issued a statement.

Boutaleb said this is simply the initial version of the tool. The next replications of the tool will provide significant power for creators to transform their dreams into a 3D canvas. He said the platform needs people to port any vision or fantasy into a 3D canvas in the next repetition. It would allow them to instantly see the outcome of their imagination and modify things.

Oncyber to Add More Features in the Coming Months

Moreover, the CEO also claimed that they implemented AI technologies to discover another way to support users. It would enable them to uncover their creativity on the platform. There is an interruption between the visual user interface and the power of Oncyber’s game-like engine. Boutaleb added that there is also a more reliable AI functionality in the background.

Boutaleb said the platform will hopefully add more critical generative features. It includes the capability to produce modified or personalized 3D architecture easily after generating a request. The key objective of Oncyber is to provide fewer limits and boundaries for users in the future. Oncyber asked interested users in a recent tweet to connect to the waitlist to experience a beta version.

Web3 Search Engine Kaito Collected $5.3 Million in a Fundraising

Keep in mind that the platform was expected to begin testing the product on Monday, March 20. Boutaleb also said the Magic Composer is expected to reach public users very soon. Meanwhile, various other Web3 and crypto projects have integrated AI technologies into their products and services to improve user experience. But Roblox metaverse and Microsoft metaverse are also topics for the latest technology news.

However, AI-powered Web3 immersed search engine Kaito reportedly gained $5.3 million in a fundraising round at the beginning of 2023. It also increased the size of the team and significantly boosted the development of the product. The US exchange Pay Bito has announced its determination to combine with ChatGPT to enhance its market analysis.

Pay Bito will Improve Market Analysis by Combining ChatGPT

Pay Bito added that it would completely identify its future trends to open up more new trading opportunities. CEO of Pay Bito, Raj Choudhary, said the integration of ChatGPT will add more value to enhance the user experience. He added that AI-based tools will also allow traders to make perfect decisions with correct information. Keep in touch with us to find the latest technology updates.

Latest science and technology news outlets also confirmed that AI is commanding over OpenAI’s advancing GPT models. Competitors and such models can produce media and text with more speed and perfection. It would supposedly revolutionize various industries with improved experiences. However, one Web3 metaverse app has already discovered a mechanism to switch into the technology and was trending tech news.

Oncyber is a 3D Platform for Web3 Creators and NFTs

Meanwhile, Oncyber is a 3D world-building platform and efficiently supports a variety of Web3 creators and communities NFTs. It was announced this week that the platform has now developed an AI-powered tool. The newly released tool is called the Magic Composer which enables users to use text commands and customize their environments.

The platform also claimed the new tool is the future of artificial intelligence. The new tool effectively runs on OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 model similar to using ChatGPT. It efficiently returns well-arranged information from the web such as a book report, a poem, or a functional blockchain code. Moreover, Oncyber efficiently utilizes text prompts in order to apply real-time tweaks.


Magic Composer is the First Version of the Platform

However, Oncyber inevitably alters the view and sky’s color with a line of text ditched into the Magic Composer. It also customizes the overlook and picture frame’s size in the world. The newly announced tool is the first version. The platform wants people to dock any illusion or invention of their 3D canvas. They can directly find the outlook of their imagination and alter things.

Meanwhile, the new tool will supposedly provide another way to users for unlocking their imagination on the platform. The Magic Composer offers a significant path for creators to easily get what they need. Oncyber layers will reportedly offer additional world-building features in the next couple of months. It would enable creators to create more loaded environments and personalize online 3D spaces.

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