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Best Practices for Using a Blog to Promote Your IT Consulting Services

The world is now becoming like a technological field. And the internet plays a huge role in connecting people. Worldwide there are almost 4 billion people who become connected with each other through the internet. Most businesses now activate the online mode and with a great blogging marketing strategy, these businesses are earning great revenue.  Continue reading


Want To Grow Your Brand Website? Know The Best Techniques

If you have been planning to grow your brand’s website, you have come to the right place! Because we will tell you all that you need to know about growing your brand website. It’s 2022, and we are living in the middle of a digital renaissance, one that’s here to stay. Thus, the only way to handle this renaissance is to grasp how this works out anyway.  Continue reading

TIKTOK dislike button

New Dislike ‘Thumbs Down’ Button for Comments from TikTok

TikTok announced in a blog post about testing a dislike button for comments. The key objective is to enable users to flag irrelevant content and provide help for the TikTok community. The new dislike button from TikTok will appear as a thumbs-down icon. Continue reading

TikTok updates

New Updated Policies from TikTok to address 3 Major Social Issues

Multiple news outlets have confirmed that TikTok has announced a number of plans and policy updates for the latest technologies and new features. New plans and updates are specially designed for younger users to make the video-based social media platform much safer and more shielded. The recent move came to overcome some major issues pointed out by US Senators during an investigation over business practices from TikTok. Some of the issues include the popularity of eating tumble content and seriously dangerous pranks and frauds. Continue reading


Metaverse, AR, VR, & NFTs and their Importance in Businesses

People didn’t think before 1970 about the boost in the internet world and its broader accessibility. The inventor of Ethernet, Robert Metcalfe predicted in 1995 that the internet will die very soon. However, Metaverse brands have earned more popularity as game-changer all around the world. But most people aren’t familiar with the capabilities of this new system. Continue reading