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ThinkBook Plus

Lenovo Announced 17.3-inch Laptop with 8-inch LCD Screen as Magic Launcher

Lenovo brings an untraditional approach to PCs and presented its ThinkBook Plus series in 2020. The company now used it to build extraordinary form factors, such as previous replication using an e-ink screen. Lenovo has removed its 2nd panel of numerical keyboard and added a full-color 8-inch 800 x 1,280 LCD and an integrated digitizer layer to enable stylus support. The main screen of this new laptop features a 17.3-inch IPS display at 3K resolution. The machine runs Windows 11 with various more orientations, including typical snap shortcuts. However, Windows 11 will just consider the 8-inch LCD as an external screen. The ThinkBook Plus was responsive at snapping apps and a whiteboard tool that turns the panel into a notepad, as a digital Numpad. Continue reading

Now, Microsoft SwiftKey allows Copy & Paste across Windows & Android Devices

Now, Microsoft SwiftKey allows Copy & Paste across Windows & Android DevicesMicrosoft is boosting its Swiftkey keyboard tool with the functionality to copy and paste data across Android and Windows 10 devices. The Cloud Clipboard update indicates that users with Swiftkey on their Android devices will Continue reading