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T-Mobile has planned to terminate at least 400 former Sprint EmployeesT-Mobile has planned to terminate a significant number of its workers came it through the benefit. The recent move took place just 2-months after finalizing its merger with Sprint worth $26 billion. The vice-president of T-Mobile, James Kirby informed TechCrunch that at least 400 former Sprint employees would need to find new work after 13th August 2020. It is still not clear about the total numbers of supposed to eliminate Sprint employees for the termination plan of T-Mobile. The news outlet reported the carrier managed multiple calls similar to the one detailed above throughout the day. The official website of the company has indicated that most employees will receive 2-weeks of pay for every year they were on the job.

T-Mobile published a blog post after the report came out, in which it said it plans to hire 5,000 new employees over the next year. The company also confirmed the termination plan in the same post without providing more details. The blog post says, “As part of this process, some employees who hold similar positions are being asked to consider a career change inside the company, and others will be supported in their efforts to find a new position outside the company. We will work with all employees and support them”. The news outlet pointed out that job creation is one of the things former T-Mobile CEO John Legere used to sell the public on the then hotly contested merger.

Legere said in a blog post published last year that the new T-Mobile would employ 11,000 more workers by 2024. It is noteworthy that when everything was all said and done on 1st April, new jobs weren’t one of the benefits T-Mobile said would come out of the merger. It is unclear whether T-Mobile will hire back more workers than it plans to let go makes it difficult to measure the impact of the company’s plan. Point to be noted that the company has planned to terminate employees at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak and the current unemployment rate in the United States is at 13.3%.

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