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People around the world are supposedly thinking that the craze of NFT was moving to go away. Some of them believe their favorite console manufacturers were considering to avoid from getting involved. However, they need to think again because they are just confused. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the unique non-exchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain.

NFTs are supposedly sweeping straightforward the world of tech. Meanwhile, PlayStation is reportedly getting in on the action. PlayStation launched a program called PlayStation Stars, a couple of weeks ago. But the company claimed it wasn’t related to NFTs. The company insisted that it was apparently a rewards program and that these rewards are related to in-game achievements.

But experts believe that the company is supposedly looking into the concept of NFTs operations. A Sony patent was published earlier this month with a title. The title reads, “Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger”. The patent highlighted a process to create, use, modify, track, and transfer in-game created digital assets.

The Actual Statement from the Patent

Most skilled players of multiplayer video games buildup repute in matches or tournaments. Most of them are live-streamed or broadcast in other ways to various viewers. Moreover, popular players often live-stream or sometimes they broadcast gameplay of multiplayer or single-player video games.

For example, most players execute or attempt speed runs, in-game contests, multiplayer competitions, and other types of gameplay actions. Some skilled or professional players can also establish bigger followers of faithful and true fans. Those fans often like followings for famous singers, actors, celebrities, or athletes.

Players Can Use Digital Assets During Gameplay

Moreover, a player can also use digital assets during gameplay in some video games. These digital assets often include specific characters, items, products, or costumes. Multiple examples of the same in-game item exist in traditional video games. These items are often found in the same copy of the video game or within different copies of the video game.

Meanwhile, these types of examples of the same in-game items are typically fungible and identical to one another. The in-game item is depicted in the video game as a strand of code. But it happens if a specific in-game item is unable to gain within the video game. The string of code is unique to demonstrate other ideas of the same in-game within the same video game.

Non-Distinguishable Instance for an In-Game Item

Keep in mind that the identical code can also represent other copies of the same video game. However, neither of the digital assets is identical to other samples of the same in-game items. There is no way in typical video games as a result because traditional video games don’t understand.

Traditional video games don’t know how to track or authenticate a history of a famous example of an in-game item. Meanwhile, there is no way to distinguish or discriminate a specific idea of an in-game item. A popular player of the video game can use this item to win a popular tournament from any other sample of the in-game item.

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