Woman’s Butt Implants Explode During Workout

CaptureOn 9th July 2015, an article was published on Newswatch33 website having title that ‘Woman’s Butt Implants Exploded when bending for Instagram Workout Video. A 27 years old Serena Beuford from Boston is in a coma because she was bending her butts for an Instagram video, but her butt exploded in this activity. Doctors issued a statement, that Serena is in a serious condition because her artificial implants butt exploded. Serena Beuford was at Planet Fitness downtown Boston with her friend. After finishing work, Serena and her friend started work for recording video when bending her butt. She heard an unnatural sound and then she quickly stopped working. She fell on the floor and started crying by the sudden pain. Other gym members came to rescue her and provided first aim until medical services reached.

A gym member of Serena said that we noticed that a woman is falling on the floor and crying that help me, my butt is broken. Then emergency medical services came there and picked her out from the gym. This news about exploding a bending butt was spread as fire in the jungle. It was also broadcasted on (WOIA) San Antonio television station, (Cosmopolitan) women’s popular magazine and the Uproxx website. It is basically not more than fake news published by NewsWatch33. It is like upgraded website of NewsWatch28 which was closed due to it fake news. The website NewsWatch33 is also publishing some fake news, these news are just like stories but not considered as news.

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