Twitter Announced The Bachelorette Project to Test Custom Timelines

Various reports have indicated that Twitter is testing a new feature to show users developer’s built custom timelines. It will combine tweets and other media throughout selected themes based on a blend of content extracted from accounts. Amir Shevat (the company’s head of product for developer platforms) tweeted a photo of a custom timeline.

Shevat announced the experiment on the platform, while the creators of the show made the custom timeline The Bachelorette. The social platform said The Bachelorette timeline is accessible to a small group of people. It will be available for 10 weeks in Canada and the United States. The added users in the custom timeline experiment will receive a prompt on the web to pin their home timeline.

The social platform has become famous in the past couple of years for its sophisticated standpoint for developers. It was initially opened to 3rd parties in constructing customized interfaces to use Twitter. It will then pull away from and focus on those that are constructed in specific use scenarios. These customized timelines show how Twitter continues to find more ways.

A New Door in Building Different Streams

Twitter is looking to discover more ways of appealing to users if this progress works behind the experiment phase. It is for those users who don’t need to go through the work of organizing their own content feeds. This will simultaneously open new doors to people for the longer term in constructing different streams on Twitter for different objectives.

The company says you don’t need interruption if you are an NFL fan and using Twitter to track news. Keep in mind that Twitter is arranging its developer conference “Chirp” in November after at least a decade. The platform said Timeline’s theme is selected and ordered according to the content on this timeline. It will use information such as topics, search terms, and manual creation.

Users Can Create a Selection of Accounts to Pin on Mobile App

The platform said you can’t switch to the latest tweets view. However, users are currently constructing custom timelines of sorts according to lists. It would enable them to create a selection of accounts in order to pin on the mobile app. They will then view it after switching between them on the home screen. But they aren’t able to do more in the way of filtering.

The company said it is based around a stream of tweets after including accounts in the list. Users can make custom columns out of a hashtag or a search term if they use the new Tweet Deck preview. They can use advanced search features such as specific words and time frames. Ultimately, the new custom timelines feature how the platform enables developers to control show-up Tweets.

A Developer can Create a Custom Timeline Using Filters

Moreover, a developer can select to create a custom timeline using a mixture of filters including topics and search terms. The company also provided information on its support page for the newly announced custom timelines. It says the custom timelines are organized feeds. The 3rd parties normally create these feeds to select and provide content throughout events and interests.

The support page says Twitter created Popular Videos Timeline. It uses similar information to select topics to settle and order video content. However, Shevat said it’s all in the company’s roadmap for developer tools. He also pointed out that it is the first move toward decentralizing and offering multiple options of timelines to users. Twitter is also exploring decentralized social media via its Blue-Sky project.

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