Best LinkedIn Scraping Tools

The Best LinkedIn Scraping Tools With Accurate Results

A LinkedIn scraping tool differs by database size, speed, accuracy, user interface, and data quality.

A few LinkedIn scraping tools also add extra features like data verification and finding data by name and zip code to stay on top of the competition.

As a result, it’s getting harder to get a reliable LinkedIn mining tool that resonates with your business needs.

In this post, we’ve reviewed two of the best LinkedIn scraper software currently on the market. We’ve analyzed there:

  • Accuracy
  • Data Quality
  • Unique Features
  • Pricing

Hopefully, you’ll get a convenient LinkedIn scraper tool that will boost your business with the database of customers from LinkedIn by the end of this article.

1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Lead Extractor is the best tool to extract data from LinkedIn with the fastest speed and accuracy.

It has better features than most LinkedIn scrapers in the market.

As a simple LinkedIn Leads Finder software, LinkedIn Lead Extractor

boasts better ease of use and accuracy than most top-tier tools in the market.

That Said, Here’s a List of Our Key Features of LinkedIn Lead Extractor.

Find prospects on LinkedIn by name, zip code, profile URL, job title, skills, and much more

Find contact information from the website also given in the LinkedIn profiles

  • Many filters to apply for
  • Zero Coding to use it
  • Data export in CSV, Excel, and Text files

Reviews – What People Say About LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Profile Scraper has good reviews and ratings due to its quality results and user-friendly interface. It has 4.93 ratings on Google and more than 50,000 marketers, freelancers, and business owners are using it worldwide.


You will get 100% real and accurate data from LinkedIn as compared to other LinkedIn email finder tools.

  • Easy to use, quick, accurate, and affordable tool.
  • Coding-free LinkedIn Scraping tool and has an easy-to-use interface.
  • You can scrape 1000-1200 LinkedIn profiles in the day by using this LinkedIn Data Extractor.


It is specially designed for LinkedIn Scraping only and you can’t scrape data from any other website.

Who Is LinkedIn Lead Extractor For?

Anyone who wants to extract contact information from LinkedIn using a list of names and prospects’ LinkedIn profile URLs can use LinkedIn Lead Extractor. It is made for everyone who wants to scrape data from LinkedIn without any coding knowledge.

It’s also built for professionals who want less complex–but more accurate–software to extract data from LinkedIn. Plus, it’s an ideal tool for recruiters and HR managers looking to fill their seats with potential candidates.

2. LinkedIn Company Extractor

You can use it to extract business email addresses, phone numbers, and more B2B data right from LinkedIn company profiles. LinkedIn Contact Extractor works like a human to crawl the LinkedIn looking for data but is 100 times faster than a human. 

How Does LinkedIn Company Extractor Work?

To use LinkedIn Email Extractor, first, download and launch it on your commuter.

Once done, go to the networking site LinkedIn where your prospects hang out. 

Just enter your keywords in the search bar of the LinkedIn scraper software. Now, just click on the button “Search Now” and the LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor will start crawling the LinkedIn to search for the given information. After that, click on the button “Start Extraction” and get the data from LinkedIn company profiles.

After LinkedIn data scraping, Just click on the “Export” button and get data in CSV, Excel, or Text files for easy use. You can view data on the LinkedIn extractor software screen in the free version, but can’t export data in the trial version. For exporting data from LinkedIn to your computer, you have to buy the license of the LinkedIn Company Data Extractor software. The LinkedIn data miner software price for 3 months is just $59.99. 

Reviews – What People Say

LinkedIn Company Extractor is the best software to extract data from LinkedIn business profiles and people love to use it due to its accuracy and quality of the data. Most people use it to get b2b leads from LinkedIn. It has 4.2 ratings on Google.


  • Coders and non-coders can use this LinkedIn scraper software easily without programming knowledge.
  • It extracts all information from a LinkedIn company profile very precisely and is useful for generating b2b leads from LinkedIn.
  • It will scrape updated and fresh data from LinkedIn profiles.
  • It has various formats to download data from LinkedIn such as Excel, CSV, and Text files.
  • Affordable Price.


This is specially built for data extraction from LinkedIn. So, you cannot scrape data from any other website by using this software.

Who Is LinkedIn Company Extractor Best For?

LinkedIn Lead Generation tool is best for a business that depends on LinkedIn to hunt down prospects and close deals.

Marketers and sales team managers from the companies can use it to get the valid business contact information of decision-makers.

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