Boost LinkedIn Post

Steps To Boost LinkedIn Post

After launching the boost post on LinkedIn, Over 58 million companies have created LinkedIn accounts, with 830 million users. Over 1 billion daily interactions have been recorded by the 40% of LinkedIn users who frequently connect with the platform.

When you boost a post on LinkedIn, a campaign will be created in an ad account linked to your page. Boosted posts will be billed through your Campaign Manager ad account(s), not the LinkedIn Page. You can currently boost events, videos, and posts with text or a single image in the boost post on the LinkedIn section.

What is a Boost Post On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers every user to boost their post and increase their traffic, which helps both the advertiser and the boosting platform because it notices more engagement on platforms. The advertiser gets the true reach for his products.

Also, it maintains good relations publically where the public trusts the platform more. When you promote your LinkedIn page or post to increase your reach through an advertising campaign, you can choose a purpose for boosting your post, define the audience the post will appear in, and set a budget and schedule to limit the length of time that can boost the post.

Benefits Of Boosting Posts:

LinkedIn and its advertising or promotion have several unique advantages that put it in a class. Depending on your business and marketing goals, this could be the right channel to help your business attract customers and grow.

Please keep reading to learn about five essential benefits of this network over its alternatives and maintain your boost post on LinkedIn platform strategies:

  • The most visible distinction between LinkedIn and other social networks is their audience. The network’s users are older, more educated, and earn more money than almost all other platforms. Suppose you want to reach teenagers or low-income people.

However, if your primary target audience is educated professionals with at least some work experience, Boosting a post on the LinkedIn feature is usually your best bet. So that you can get whatever your desired need is.

  • Use Industry-Specific Variables to Narrow Your Targeting. The success of your social media advertising has primarily determined by your ability to ensure that your message reaches your most desirable audience.

Targeting opportunities on the channel of your choice is critical. Job title, function, seniority, company name, company size, industry, skill, degree type, and name are some examples.

Regarding industry-specific variables, it can keep up with a more professional competitor. LinkedIn allows you to target your ads based on variables And standard demographic information.

  • You are already advertising on social media, Take advantage of unique advertising types, and you will likely be familiar with the most commonly available ad types.

Like its competitors, LinkedIn offers marketers the opportunity to leverage sponsored posts and sidebar ads to generate exposure, clicks, and conversions.

  • The majority of social media app advertising focuses on raising awareness and generating leads. The network’s Lead Accelerator feature is the key to success here.

It enables you to track your most valuable prospects and serve more targeted ads directly to them. Remarketing to recent web visitors and list-based advertising allow you to nurture your leads better as they progress toward becoming customers.

  • In the end, the direct benefit of LinkedIn advertising is to increase your conversion rates. Use it correctly while increasing your conversion rate when posting a promotional or boost post on LinkedIn.

For example, eliminate some steps your audience takes to become a significant advertising customer.

Create a Post and Boost it on LinkedIn

You can view campaign performance or edit your ad account in Campaign Manager. You can also edit the boost post on LinkedIn and campaign settings from your LinkedIn Page.

  • Navigate to the Admin section of your page and locate the post you want to highlight in updates in your page feed.
  • Find the post you want to highlight in the Updates section of your Page feed by accessing the Admin view of your Page.
  • You can also promote posts from the Updates page under the Analytics menu.
  • Posts that have already been promoted can’t be promoted again.
  • The Boost post page will open when you click the Boost button above the post.
  • Using the dropdown menu, pick an objective.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the audience type for your campaign.
  • Profile-based: Choose job seniority, job functions, or corporate industries as your target audience selection criteria.
  • Interest-based: Choose the target audience’s requirements from the member groupings.
  • LinkedIn Audience template: Pick a template with pre-configured targeting parameters.
  • Choose a saved audience from the list of ones you’ve already made.
  • Click View audience summary to view the audience’s targeting possibilities.
  • Keep defining who your audience is.
  • Choose the audience’s preferred language.
  • Add your audience’s location or locations.
  • Depending on the audience type selected, choose or exclude additional targeting criteria.
  • By selecting Save Audience, you can decide whether to save this audience.
  • Verify the advanced settings for including LinkedIn Audience Network and Automatic Audience Expansion.
  • Create a schedule and lifetime budget.
  • Choose a billing account for advertising.
  • Only those with Campaign Manager access or above on the various ad accounts linked to the LinkedIn Page are eligible for this step.
  • If you still need an ad account with Campaign Manager access or above, one will have been established for you.


After you boost a post on LinkedIn, create a campaign with the selected campaign settings and an ad in your ad account, the campaign name will include Boost Post, the campaign objective, and boost the post.

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