5G and Broadband customers will get YouTube TV option from Verizon

5G and Broadband customers will get YouTube TV option from VerizonVerizon has announced that the company will provide streamable shows and other contents to its internet subscribers. The carrier has mentioned that they will offer platform’s premium service YouTube TV to both wireless 5G home and Fios broadband customers. The recent announcement confirms a 2018 report that the company was looking for a partnership with Apple and Mountain View in order to provide more streaming options to its customers.

The company has indicated that the team-up will provide a way to offer unique and high-value YouTube TV promotions to customers across platforms. Global Head of Product Partnerships at YouTube, Heather Rivera issued a statement, “YouTube TV has become known for its best-in-class user experience that enhances the way users watch live TV today. With this partnership, we’re making it simple and seamless for Verizon’s customers to sign up to enjoy YouTube TV on-the-go on their mobile phones or tablets or at home on their big screen devices”.

YouTube TV will provide subscribers access to live TV programming from networks such as Fox and CBS. Users will also get access to cable stations like CNN, ESPN, and Food Network. Its partnership will enable users to add service to their internet bundles. It is still unclear if Verizon will be able to offer the option at a lower price. It is noteworthy that a YouTube TV subscription normally costs $50 per month for up to 70 channels, 3 simultaneous streams, 6 accounts, and a personal DVR with unlimited storage space.

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