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A plethora of people around the world is using Google Docs word processors for writing articles, emails, and various tasks. Writing is often considered difficult, so most people rely on the built-in spell checker of Google Docs to enhance their writing. However, the built-in spell checker is excellent but 3rd party services can provide much better suggestions.

Grammarly has become one of the best Google Chrome extensions. It offers a more efficient and powerful check of your grammar and spelling. You are supposedly missing Microsoft Word Editor and other amazing features if you don’t have a Chromebook device. Meanwhile, the recent addition of Grammarly to Google Docs has become a competitor to Microsoft Editor.

Simple Steps to Install Grammarly:

People need to install Grammarly before using its remarkable features. However, Grammarly is also compatible with other famous browsers including Edge, Firefox, and Safari. But Google Chrome can provide a much better user experience. Open Google Chrome and visit the “Chrome Web Store”.

Start navigation with the Grammarly extension page and click the “Add to Chrome” button. Click the “Add” extension button in the pop-up dialog box. A tab will open prompting users to sign in or make a Grammarly account after installing the extension. Grammarly will complete installation in their Chrome browser after a couple of minutes.

Grammarly Enabled Google Docs:

Users need to ensure Grammarly is enabled after the installation and ready for use in Google Docs. First of all, open a Google Doc and click the icon of the Grammarly extension placed in the top-right corner of their web browser. Mark the check switch to on for writing suggestions on Google Docs. Users can now use Grammarly in a Google Doc.

The Features of Grammarly in Google Docs:

You can use Grammarly in a Google Doc after finalizing the installation and enabling the extension. Grammarly has presented various different features for Google Docs. Let’s find out the key functions of different Grammarly features.

Red Underlines Feature:

Grammarly will present red underlines to show any suggestions when users type words. It offers the suggested correction when users hover over the underline. Users can accept or skip Grammarly suggestions for each case.

Grammarly Icon Feature:

The Grammarly icon will appear in the lower-right corner if you are using Grammarly-enabled Google Docs. This icon provides specific information. Grammarly checks your work when the icon shows a moving wheel. The green icon shows Grammarly didn’t find any issues with your writing. Grammarly will mention some issues after showing the number within the red icon.

Grammarly Sidebar Feature:

You can click the Grammarly icon to find a detailed list of suggestions by opening the Grammarly sidebar. You will find the “edits” in the sidebar, which provides a detailed description of the edit after clicking a suggestion.

Goal Setting Feature:

Grammarly enables users to set their goals for specific writing. They can set goals for a domain, audience, inflexibility, and commitment to your content. Each objective contains different suggestions depending on their subscription such as free or premium subscribers. Users need to open the Grammarly sidebar and click the target using an arrow to modify these objectives.

Meanwhile, Grammarly-enabled Google Docs offers an excellent way to enhance users’ writing skills. People just need to install and enable it to get its amazing benefits. The word processor of Google is considered a more powerful and effective tool. Users can make it more beneficial using some remarkable Google Docs tips and tricks.

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