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Shopify has grown as a household name in the world of online retail. A wide range of online shops utilises this platform. A wide range of online shops utilises this platform. For first-time entrepreneurs, it comes highly recommended. However, store owners are divided on whether they should hire a Shopify Web Development Agency to build their website.

Let’s look at why you should hire a Shopify web developer for your company. The services of a developer will be discussed, as well as where to get them and how much you may expect to pay.

Why Should You Hire A Web Developer?

In case you already have any store, selling on Shopify can help you diversify your revenue streams in less than two weeks. As a result, you’ll be able to diversify your income while still selling the same products.

Having a store built by professionals ensures that your store adheres to all best practices in user experience, design, and development, allowing you to bring your business in front of more potential clients.

Shopify developers can assist you in adding extra features and making it highly customized to meet your needs.

Shopify developers can assist you with integrating all of the applications you’ll need to get your store up and operating quickly.

They are better suited than web developers who have never created an eCommerce store before because they are Shopify professionals.

They can assist you with website maintenance once the store is up and running, ensuring that there is no downtime.

They offer unique e-commerce knowledge and development experience that could help them attract more customers.

Shopify developers are well-versed in payment gateways, inventory management systems, Shopify applications, and other topics, making them a valuable resource for anyone wishing to start an online business.

Top 5 Services a Shopify Developer Can Provide

There are numerous requirements for creating a successful web store. While Shopify offers fairly simple templates to use right out of the box, several other steps must be completed to develop a successful business website. Compared to an experienced Shopify web developer, setting up payment mechanisms and other back-end development activities may be more difficult for a non-Shopify expert.

A Shopify web developer can perform the following specialized tasks for your Shopify store.

1. Make your store’s user interface unique

If you have a Shopify App store, you must understand the significance of website design and usability. The purpose of your website is to attract customers and make sure that once they’re inside, they can easily navigate it. You’ll want to do it if a few additional clicks can bring them to the payment button faster.

A Shopify developer’s job is to understand your consumer interface design. Even minor changes to your user interface significantly impact each buyer’s purchasing experience. The smartest option you can make for your Shopify store is to hire an expert.

2. Create connections

Integrating multiple components of your total online presence, sales, marketing funnels, and other tools with your Shopify store is one of the first things you’ll need the services of a Shopify web developer for.

This could entail integrating your Shopify store with social networking platforms like Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. Store interoperability with CRM solutions like Klavio, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, or whatever you use to email your leads and customers is also included in integrations.

3. Make changes to the code

A Shopify web developer may also be needed if you wish to make changes to the coding of your website. You might want to make changes and tweaks to your website’s footer, navigational menu, product pages, blog pages, or homepage for a more appealing appearance.

The template you choose for your Shopify store may already include several features that you can access with a single click. You may, however, swiftly hit the limitations of what you’re permitted to do. A web developer can help you alter codes so that your clients have a better purchasing experience.

Web programming is not for everyone. Even if Shopify gives clear instructions on making code changes to get your desired result, you may not feel comfortable doing so. Hiring a qualified Shopify web developer would be an excellent alternative in this instance.

4. Check Status of Your Online Store

While creating a successful online store, there are many “T’s” to cross and “I’s” to dot. Your site can experience issues as a result of all of this. When you run into problems that you can’t solve on your own, a Shopify web developer is the person to call.

You can be the type of company that, if you have a problem, break anything, or make an error, you can contact the developer for assistance.

5. Improve the efficiency of your store.

Have you ever tried to access your favorite retailer’s online store on Black Friday, but the page wouldn’t come up? This is something that can happen to your customers as well. Your website may receive so much traffic that the load speed appears poor, images do not appear on the site, and purchasers cannot complete the checkout process.

A Shopify web developer ensures that the performance and functionality of your online business are at their peak. Quality Testing and monitoring, are responsible for giving an exceptional experience for your purchasers and potential clients.

How much does it cost?

Thanks to the free market, businesses may now outsource this element of their operations to competent and experienced Shopify web developers from anywhere in the world. However, before you take the first step toward employing one, you should be aware of the total costs of launching a successful online company.

When calculating the cost of hiring a developer, consider various aspects.

First, you should be aware that these professionals charge varied charges depending on the type, difficulty, and volume of work they will undertake.

Second, their rates are affected by their level of experience. Therefore the more experienced a developer is the higher their rate.

However, a seasoned Shopify web developer may still do complex features and functionalities for a fraction of the cost. Is that even possible? Of course, outsourcing is the solution.

The cost of a web developer might also be affected by their location. For example, Shopify web development companies that operate outside of the United States usually follow rates based on the average wage of specialists in their home country.

Let’s look at all of these aspects to get an idea of how much it will cost to set up your Shopify business.

Web Developers from the United States vs. Web Developers from Other Countries

The figures in this section of the article are based primarily on a Codementor 2017 study that approximated the cost of Shopify web development companies around the world.

Web developers earn between $61 and $80 per hour on average. Countries from Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East are included.

The rate is greater in Canada and the United States, ranging from $81 to $100.

Developers in Australia and New Zealand are paid on par with those in the United States, on average $70 per hour.

As of 2018, from a separate source. Depending on the amount of experience required, Shopify web developers from Asia can charge anything from $20 to $50 per hour. This is in line with Codementor’s findings, which show that the least expensive countries had 28 percent lower hourly rates on average.

Depending on the scope of the job and the nature of the business

Rates for a Shopify web developer can range from hourly to a fixed price per project, depending on the amount and type of labour. On average, hiring a Shopify specialist to build and complete a comprehensive setup of your web store would cost roughly $500. You should anticipate spending between $100 to $250 if you only want to work on some features and functions.

According to a 2018 post by Shopify web development companies, the cost of web developers varies depending on the size of your company. The whole building of a large-scale Shopify store will cost between $700 and $1,000. Experts recommend hiring web developers with specific skills in the job you need to do to optimize your costs for medium to small-scale Shopify stores.


These elements are vital to consider when selecting a skilled Shopify web Development Expert for your online store. So, suppose you’re looking for a reputable company to help you achieve your objectives. In that case, Suffescom can assist you in creating an online store with complete functionality and aesthetics without breaking the bank.

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