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Samsung to present its new Galaxy Z Flip 3 before Mid-2021Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 on 14th January but didn’t announce any foldable phone. The company released the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip at least one year ago. It was the first clamshell-style folding phone from the company. Now, the company is looking to present its new Z Flip smartphone and some authentic reports have pointed to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. However, the original Galaxy Z Flip launched in February 2020, so the release for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is not too far. Some leaks suggest the new Z Flip smartphone from Samsung will land before mid-2021. Rumors also predicted that Samsung has been planning to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Fold 3 during the summer-2021.

The original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip went for sale at $1,380 and we are expecting the same price for the new Z Flip device. Most people were thinking the new Z Flip device from Samsung will be the Galaxy Z Flip 2, but that’s not right! A Dutch website GalaxyClub released some information about the upcoming phone. It says the Galaxy Z Flip with 5G was technically equivalent to the Flip 2, so this new version should be called the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Moreover, LetsGoDigital has recently echoed these claims and said it’s heard from various reliable sources that the phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. There is some information by LetsGoDigital based on specs and image leaks. The clamshell phone will supposedly come in various color options including black, beige, green, and purple.

A leak suggested it’ll have a 3-inch screen on the outside of the device, and a 6.7-inch one when opened up. However, the main screen is the same size offered on the original Flip, that phone only had a 1.1-inch cover screen. It says the new device will have a bigger battery than the 3,300mAh one in the original Flip. The next Galaxy Z Flip will have a redesigned hinge and enhanced display material to its predecessor because these are the main components of a foldable phone. Samsung has reportedly registered the trademark ‘Armor Frame’. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 might have a triple-lens camera, smaller bezels. The new Z Flip device from Samsung could come in 128GB and 256GB storage sizes and running Android 11.

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