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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is now available at Lowest PriceSamsung presented Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra flagships in January 2021. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra debuted at a price of $1,199, actually a whole $200 cheaper at launch than its predecessor, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This change is reflected across the entire January 2021 range. Major upgrades include a new Snapdragon 888 processor, quad-camera array, S-Pen support, and a 6.8-inch display capable of 120Hz at 1440p resolution. It’s also the only phone now to offer all top-end features including a maximum of 512GB capacity, 12GB of RAM, and a metal-backed design.

However, Samsung offered compromises on the standard Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Pro devices to bring their prices down to more reasonable climates. The South Korean tech giant still pulled out all the stops for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is now the only S21 model to feature a top-end 512GB capacity variant, which also has a hefty 16GB of RAM to boot. Another key upgrade is the screen tech in the Ultra, which is now fully capable of offering both 1440p resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate.

 Key camera upgrades are also being offered in the form of an expanded housing, giving you access to four rear cameras – a 108MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide, and two 10MP telephoto lenses with 3x and 10x zoom functions. S-Pen support is now also standard on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, though you’ll have to buy the accessory separately. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the only 2021 flagship from Samsung to retain its metal-backed chassis, rather than the plastic now used on the 2 more budget options.

Point to be noted that Verizon is offering Galaxy S21 Ultra at an amazing price. Trade-in an old device and picking up an S21 Ultra on a new unlimited data plan will give you up to $800 off. However, new customers can get an additional $550 gift card if they port their number in from another carrier too. You can also save up to $600 with an eligible trade-in for unlocked Galaxy S21 Ultra from the official Samsung store trade-in program. Both existing and new customers can take advantage of excellent carrier Galaxy S21 Ultra deals at AT&T. You will save up to $800 off over 36-months with an eligible trade-in and new unlimited plan at AT&T.

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