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AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600 and Ryzen 5 7600 are undoubtedly 2 specific product categories with different price tags. However, one wasn’t designed to replace the other and you should know their specifications and performance capabilities. But Ryzen 5 5600 is cheaper than the relatively expensive Ryzen 5 7600.

The performance-oriented Ryzen 5 5600 platform is available at $365. Ryzen 5 7600 features similar specs but is 53% more expensive and available at $560. The Zen 4 processor was around 33% faster on average across 10 tested games. This approach provided significant help to enhance its value but it was still more expensive per frame.

Ryzen 5 5600 will supposedly become a more attractive option with a significantly cheaper upgrade. You should have an excellent quality DDR4 kit that you need to carry over. It is for those who are already on the AM4 platform using an earlier-generation processor. The latest Zen 4 processor and more future-proof AM5 platforms are important from the investment point of view.

Zen 4 is More Powerful than Zen 3

People are also looking to buy Radeon 7000 series GPU and a high-end GeForce 40. They can effectively upgrade to Zen 4 because it is more powerful than Zen 3. However, most people are also using a previous-generation GPU. Slower GPUs are expected to experience most gaming conditions more GPU bound than CPU bound. But the difference between the 5600 and 7600 could become less obvious.

Legion platform uses a very excellent quality preset at 1080p. The Ryzen 7600 offers 33% more performance compared to the 5600 version. It can hit 149 fps if equipped with the RTX 4090. The margins are relatively the same using the Radeon 6950 XT with overall higher frame rates due to the NVIDIA driver. But the Ryzen 7600 is only 13% faster than the 5600 using the more powerful Radeon 6650 XT.

Ryzen 7600 is 46% Faster than Ryzen 5600 Using RTX 4090

Meanwhile, the results for “The Total War: Warhammer III” are more interesting. Most of us traditionally expect to experience a CPU or GPU scaling benchmark with 3 different GPU performance tiers. The Ryzen 7600 was around 46% faster, reaching almost 300 fps compared to the 5600 after using the RTX 4090.

The Radeon 6950 XT is still a very powerful GPU in the test producing around 200 fps on average. Keep in mind that the Ryzen 7600 was only 3% faster compared to the 5600. But we couldn’t find any difference in performance when tested with the 6650 XT. The 7600 is the premium if the GeForce RTX 4090 results indicate future gaming performance.

Ryzen 5600 Can Offer Better Performance

However, Hitman 3 offers a mixed bunch of results. We found that the Ryzen 7600 is around 42% faster compared to the Ryzen 5600 after using the RTX 4090. There was an extremely massive performance benefit for the latest Zen 4 processor. But the margin dropped down to 26% with the 6950 XT and it was still a big win for Zen 4.

The slower 5600 can offer much better performance with less driver-overhead than the Radeon GPU. Meanwhile, the performance margins of Radeon 6650 XT are neutralized and results indicated 100% GPU limited. The results for “A Plague Tale” are more interesting. NVIDIA massively smashed the Ryzen 5 5600 and Core i3-13100 using the RTX 4090.

Ryzen 7600 is 6% Faster than RTX 4090

Meanwhile, the Ryzen 7600 was still 6% faster under these test conditions using the 6950 XT. The Ryzen 7600 was 35% faster compared to the Ryzen 5600 using the RTX 4090. But the margin was dropped to only 15% with the 6950 XT and entirely neutralized using the 6650 XT. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” is a game with around 200 fps.

A more powerful CPU such as the Ryzen 7600 is more beneficial. It can deliver 42% more frames compared to the 5600 after using the GeForce RTX 4090. But it dropped to 28% using the 6950 XT. The Radeon 6650 XT delivers 190-ish frames per second for most gamers. Keep in mind that the Ryzen 7600 provides a big advantage after utilizing DDR5 memory in Spider-Man Remastered.

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