LTE Phone Calls on Project Fi are being tested by Google

Google tests LTE phone callsMost people believe that the Project Fi service of Google is famous for the data-hungry users, but it is not perfect for voice. Frequently shift to Fi means for giving up perfect-sounding LTE voice calls with your friends. We believe that you will not sacrifice for a long amount of time. Now, Google is telling subscribers that the company is testing voice over LTE using a subset of their customer base. It is probably just going to function if you are using the network of T-Mobile because it is the only network of 3 Fi partners with VoLTE. You will absolutely know when it gets in between the perfect improved quality with rapid mid-call data speeds and much faster connection time.

The company hasn’t yet disclosed when its entire subscribers will get perfect LTE calling. After all, it shouldn’t be more surprising if a complete rollout is depending on Google’s other 2 wireless partners jumping aboard the VoLTE model. Point to be noted that Sprint already has HD calling, but they are still working on VoLTE support and it is expected to be live in the mid of 2017. Moreover, the U.S Cellular is also looking for the similar time frame. Until the Sprint is onboard, access to the features would be contradictory. You will not need to take a step back to muddier traditional calls because you are using services in the Wrong coverage area.

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