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NVIDIA has Developed an AI Mod Tool to Enhance Classic Games Automatically
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NVIDIA announced this week a mod tool, RTX Remic. It has the capability to efficiently automate the process of producing HD re-masters for classic PC games. The tool is now featuring ray tracing and other advanced graphical techniques with just the touch of a button. NVIDIA has recently shown off The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

Meanwhile, a demonstration video clearly indicates that users can hit a button to capture their desired scene in the game. The RTX Remix tool has the capability to import users’ captured scenes. They can add ray-traced lighting to the actual light sources of the game. It can automatically upscale the textures of the game to AI-enhanced versions.

Moreover, the tool can turn those textures into advanced and realistic materials to interact naturally with show and light. NVIDIA claimed that the entire steps of the process will happen automatically. Keep in mind that Pure AI up-scales aren’t always considered perfect. But the tool can enable operators to efficiently tweak lighting and materials directly from the scene.

The Integration of RTX Remix with Modeling Tools

The AI enhancement didn’t correctly account for the light coming from a paper lantern in one example. It made the paper entirely cloudy by hiding the light that was determined to emit. However, the operator can turn the lantern into a transparent material after just multiple pressing of a button. The RTX Remix can directly integrate with modeling tools.

These modeling tools such as Maya can create brand-new and high-performance objects to import them into the game. You can get more information from NVIDIA’s blog post as well as from a posted video. It all seems more dedicated to bringing the truth. But the actual concern is that the new tool will support how many games. The company confirmed this tool will support DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 games with dedicated function graphics queues.

Fixed Function Graphics Queues Just to Support Old Games

It is still unclear whether NVIDIA will plan to produce a whitelist of supported games as it did with its DLSS up-scale. Meanwhile, the requirement of dedicated function graphics queues will supposedly limit this technology to just very old games. A creator of the crucial Skyrim Script Extender explained the mod on Reddit.

Moreover, the company also released a GPU lineup in the early 2000s. It appeared to just function on the compatible games with the GeForce 2. Keep in mind that the dedicated function graphics queue is essential. It was due to most games designed around it didn’t perform lighting and mesh transformations with a specific code.

An RTX GPU is Required to Create Efficient Mods

Meanwhile, they go through mesh data and light positions into DirectX. It would enable the video driver to handle and manage it from there. This mechanism clearly indicates that it is simple and effective to find out the actual architecture. NVIDIA also said the upcoming Portal with RTX upgrade was developed with RTX Remix.

However, we are expecting more advanced applications for the tool functions. You actually don’t need an NVIDIA graphics card to make use of these features without considering which games are supported. The company said that an RTX GPU is essential to produce these mods. The hardware running Vulkan ray-traced games are capable of utilizing the outcomes.

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