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Netflix will offer Free Mobile Games to all Android subscribers on Wednesday 3rd NovemberNetflix has announced that all subscribers will be able to access 5 mobile games at no extra cost on Android devices, starting on 3rd November. The company said all iOS users can download and play the games at a later date. Netflix started testing games in its Android app in Poland with Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3 and expanded the test to Spain & Italy the following month with 3 other games. However, none of them are connected to any Netflix shows or movies. The games have no ads or in-app purchases, so you can access them on your phone or tablet. You can download and play a selected game from the Google Play Store or the App Store, and play them through the Netflix app.

Games will default to the preferred language in your Netflix profile. However, if a game isn’t yet available in that language, it will default to English. Some games will also work offline. Everyone with a profile on a single Netflix account will be able to play the games without the need for a separate subscription. Moreover, you can’t access games via ‘kids’ profiles. Users who have set up a PIN to prevent access to adult profiles will need to enter the code to play games too. Point to be noted that Meta (Facebook) is backing away from facial recognition. The company has announced that the Face Recognition system is being closed on Facebook in the coming weeks.

It is noteworthy that you will not be able to automatically recognize photos if you opted in to the feature because the Facebook team will delete over a billion facial recognition templates. Automatic Alt Text’s descriptions for the visually impaired will also stop naming people detected in photos. The company said it made the decision following growing concerns regarding the massive use of facial recognition, including uncertainty about the regulation of the technology. However, Meta believed face recognition could still be helpful in some situations, such as gaining access to a locked account. It seems a narrower and more privacy-oriented approach was a better fit. For instance, on-device recognition wouldn’t require sharing data with outside servers.

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