People can now open 2 screens to discover unlimited opportunities with lightning-fast 5G wherever they are. Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is a remarkable smartphone with an extensive view. It would allow users to compare and vary through Microsoft 365 apps. They can work in 2 different apps side-by-side and efficiently communicate with each other.

Users can effectively utilize both screens for email, calls, meetings, and Android apps. It would enable users to easily communicate, collaborate, and do much better work. Developers and experts with essential skills and spare time can experiment to satisfy their desire with the Surface Duo. Both the Surface Duo and its 2nd Gen version are capable of downloading the source code of the device from GitHub.

The downloading of source code would make it simple to create strange projects. These types of outlandish projects include Windows 11 for the original Surface Duo. Meanwhile, it offers significant support to expose fascinating details about the devices. The kernel source code of Surface Duo 2 suggested Microsoft at some point. It was considered a Wi-Fi-only version of the 2nd Gen dual-screen device.

Microsoft has Scrapped the Cheaper Version

However, Microsoft has never recognized the presence of Surface Duo 2 without a cellular system, so it was a guess. The key objective behind the concept was to build a cheaper Surface Duo. It was developed to serve as a companion device for a user’s primary smartphone. It supposedly scaled-down Surface Neo with Android rather than Windows 10X.

Microsoft has reportedly developed a mid-range Surface Duo 2, which was recently spotted on the surface of the internet. The company ultimately scrapped the cheaper version to present a more expensive model. The original price of the device is $1,499 but you can now buy the device for just $999. A news outlet reported on Jul 18, 2022, that Microsoft has stopped Surface Neo.

The eBay Listing Shows Surface Duo 2 Dev Unit Version

The report said it seems like Surface Neo isn’t the only device that Microsoft reached canceled in recent years. Microsoft was reportedly working on a mid-range model of the Surface Duo 2. Windows Central reported that the listing on still shows Surface Duo 2 as “Dev Unit”. However, the eBay listing didn’t show more details instead of just images of the device.

Sources have claimed that the recently canceled Surface Duo device was considered a lower-cost version of the Surface Duo 2. A source mentioned the code name “Cronos” and was expected to be released in the 2nd half of the current year. The device will feature a smaller camera boost based on eBay listing images. It will have a slightly rounded exterior design with flat displays and a matte finish.

Microsoft Ends “Cronos” in Late 2021

However, some of these alterations in the design were aimed at bringing the price lower. But we still don’t know more about how much the company was planning to set its price. It is important that Microsoft ends “Cronos” in the last quarter of 2021. The key objective was to focus more on its next-gen flagship Surface Microsoft Duo and it is expected to launch in late 2023.

Meanwhile, the device features a dual camera setup on the back for the so-called Surface Duo 2 Dev unit. It will have non-curved displays without the glance bar and entirely a plastic body. The device will feature an upper mid-range Snapdragon chipset to power the Surface. It was considered a significant degrading from the original Surface Duo 2 according to specifications and design.

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