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Microsoft has released Exciting New Features for its Edge BrowserMicrosoft has released a number of exciting new features for its Edge browser. The company is much focused and trying to catch up with its biggest browser competitor Google Chrome. However, January hasn’t yet over; Microsoft has launched new interesting Edge browser features. The new features include a password generator and monitor, Sleeping Tabs, new themes, and revamped icons. Microsoft has indicated in a blog that the password generator is designed to make Edge users’ experience safer by suggesting secure and complex credentials when you sign up for a new service or change your password. Moreover, the password monitor notifies you when your details turn up in a breach. Point to be noted that Google Chrome browser already offers a similar feature. The password move of Microsoft Edge is a great option for security and better than nothing.

But, a third-party password manager such as 1Password or LastPass is much better, because they don’t limit you to just one browser. Microsoft has now confirmed the long-awaited Sleeping Tabs capability would efficiently boost browser performance by improving memory and CPU resource usage. The company also claimed that the sleeping tabs feature of Edge browser will reduce memory usage by about 32% and leads to a 37% lower CPU usage. The corporate vice president at Microsoft Edge, Liat Ben-Zur said, “Having too many tabs open can slow down your system and clog up computer resources. Sleeping Tabs will release system resources for inactive tabs to help power new or existing tabs as well as other applications when you have several tabs open, to prevent slowdowns and sluggishness”. Just enable the Sleeping Tabs options in the browser settings menu to get started.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft launched a cool Edge feature ‘Vertical Tabs’, in November 2020. The feature moves the tab bar from the top to the left side in a vertical layout. The company also created 24 new themes to personalize your browser. So, you can set themes between accounts using one for work and one for personal. It was launched a year ago, but the Microsoft Edge browser has already upped the stakes to take on Google Chrome. Moreover, Edge does have a few issues as a primary browser if you value your privacy and security. It is due to Microsoft confirmed in October 2020 that Edge would adopt the controversial Manifest V3 changes that could cause some ad-blockers to break. Microsoft Edge also packs some new interesting features that allow it to take on Google Chrome. So, update your browser and experience new features of Microsoft Edge.

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