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Microsoft is adding a new feature ‘Followable Web’ to recapture the RSS feed for its Edge web browser. However, the feature is currently obtainable to the Edge Canary early access channel members. The new feature enables Edge users to ‘Follow’ websites to get the most recently updated and organized list. User’s followed sites can be seen in a panel on the side of the Edge browser. But users should navigate to the Collection menu to discover the entire followed sites. Point to be noted that the recent release is continuous, so don’t bother if you are still unable to find the feature in your app. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has been considered one of the most powerful tools in order to keep track of websites.

Moreover, most users were able to organize and manage the latest content easily from their desired places on the web after using the RSS readers. You should keep in mind that the authority of RSS was short-lived. Most popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook efficiently set an end to the bloom of RSS. Microsoft News and Google News used an algorithm-based mechanism to provide a substitute model in order to provide fresh content for users. There are many users seeking a mechanism to find out much better control over their served information. Most tech experts believe that RSS is prepared to revive into the limelight with the newly released ‘Followable Web’ feature for Edge browser.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft shouldn’t be considered the only software giant working on an RSS feed feature for its browser. Various reports have confirmed that Google is also working to develop a feature for Chrome with similar functions. There is also good news that a newly-awarded Microsoft patent has pointed to the development of a new tri-folding Surface device, similar to a Samsung concept discovered a couple of days ago. Microsoft released the Surface Duo 2 in September, as its latest dual-screen smartphone. But a patent suggested that a device with 2-hinges to connect 3 separate displays is under development. The 3-displays will supposedly integrate to form a single bigger tablet screen. Users will be able to stack displays on top of each other to decrease the overall size of the device.

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