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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he has planned to introduce NFTs into Instagram in the near future. However, the CEO of Meta and founder of Facebook didn’t provide information about his supposed plan.

He classified the unification of non-fungible tokens into the photo and video sharing app of the company. Zuckerberg delivered his words in a discussion with Daymond John of Shark Tank.

Zuckerberg said the team is working to present NFTs to Instagram very soon. He wasn’t ready to declare exact details about the ongoing process but confirmed to announce within a couple of months.

The founder of Facebook added that NFT can mint your avatar wearing in the Metaverse and you can get it from different places.

Instagram Head confirmed the arrival of NFTs

Moreover, the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri confirmed in December 2021 about the NFTs. He said the company was exploring NFTs with the objective of offering technology to its global audiences.

Mosseri believes it is an amazing place to play and also provides significant support to creators. It is noteworthy that multiple plans were already in the process.

Instagram hosted an invite-only virtual summit last summer. The company categorized it as a ‘Private event for NFT Creators’ in the invitations. However, the interest of Instagram in bringing NFTs disagrees with the greater imagination of its parent company Meta.

NFTs plans aren’t a Farewell

The company’s wider creativity shows an unproductive interconnected virtual world crowded with digital items. Moreover, the NFT plans of the company are not considered a farewell for anyone and for those tracking innovation of Meta.

There was also a major problem that the track record of Meta for products in the crypto-verse is constant. The company decreased the major plans for its own cryptocurrency due to experiencing breezes from regulators and central banks.

Twitter also announced NFTs

It is important that Twitter introduced a new feature on January 20, 2022. The new feature allows users to show off their NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It provides a way to verify digital funds dispersed on the blockchain.

The social platform is offering NFT Profile Picture on iOS to Twitter Blue subscribers. It is very similar to accessing the previous Labs feature of Twitter Blue. The company will announce the NFT product support for Twitter within a couple of months to the web and Android users.

Keep in mind that only iOS users are able to set their profile picture as NFT. It will allow everyone on Twitter to see the new picture without considering your currently using platform. However, the subscription service of Twitter Blue isn’t available worldwide.

Set NFTs as Your Profile Picture

It would undertake the endorsement of NFT Profile Picture to live markets in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The company formerly suggested its plans to completely release NFTs. It has now become a major topic of discussion on the platform.

Most of the crypto-lovers have already set the NFT photo as their profile picture. However, the social platform hasn’t yet provided any official details about verifying ownership and a crypto wallet of a user. The company offered a first look at its plans about NFTs in September 2021 following a flood of other updates.

Twitter also publicized how verification could enable creators to better present their innovations on the platform. The company was working to explore ideas to efficiently showcase their contributions. Twitter Blue subscribers can simply go to their profile and change profile picture with an NFT photo.

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