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Most of us have experienced that everyone wants to become a content writer and blog writer during the last couple of years. People are now spending more time on a webcam or video chats with family and friends. Most of them often experience terrible lighting during a regular Zoom call or Team meetings and started getting inexpensive light options. There are a plethora of lighting options available in the market at cheaper prices. But we have found that the Litra Glow is the perfect light for various purposes and you can get it at just $60. You can place it onto the top of a monitor, up to a 1.5-inch thick external display, or a thin laptop screen. Point to be noted that it can be used for storage if you fold down the monitor clip.

Moreover, it has the ability to extend the mount vertically up to 4 inches if you swiftly pull up the light. The mount also ramps and stems the light to enable you to get a perfect position. It has clips on the back to manage the cable and for a removable USB-C-to-USB-A cable to power the Litra Glow. This feature will allow you to get the right angle to light your face while wearing glasses without the reflection of light in your eyes. The design of the mount makes it excellent for people seeking a transferable and reliable LED light. The Glow is connected with a standard tripod mount and if you don’t need to use the light or want to separate light from the monitor, you just unscrew and use it according to your requirement.

There are big controlling options on the backside of the Glow and enable you to find and use without looking at these controls. The Litra Glow has 5 brightness levels and 5 color temperatures in order to select and use them. You should need to plug in the light and turn it on to efficiently adjust the light and start streaming according to your needs. Moreover, the light can be charged from a phone charger, a power bank, and from your computer. It is important that you can unlock more features after connecting to your computer with the G Hub app of Logitech. However, the G Hub app of Logitech is used for G gaming keyboards, webcams, headsets, mice, and speakers. The G Hub will recognize and add it to your list of devices when you plug in the light.

You can also manually change color temperature and brightness using sliders. The app includes a drop-down menu for selection and previewing the picture from each camera if you have connected one or multiple cameras to your computer. There is a selection of presets for brightness and color to get experience with different looks. The G Hub app allows you to create presets and can assign controls for the light to buttons if you have a Logitech G keyboard or mouse. You can turn on the Litra Glow to select your desired lighting option without touching the light or opening the app. The LEDs of the light offer a color temperature ranging from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin with a maximum output of 250 lumens for desktop streaming.

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