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LG presented its 2022 lineup of OLED, QNED, and UHD TVs at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. The company claims new processors, perfect blacks, and updated panels. The recent announcement came after a long time since the company offered its first 55-inch panel OLED line was announced at $11,999. Now the 4K TV market is stuffed with more affordable TVs, but there is still close competition in premium OLED TVs. Point to be noted that LG’s OLED EVO line will show a new 97-inch G2 4K display. You will also find a new and attractive LG C2 4K 42-inch OLED panel for gamers seeking small and advanced panels for better image quality. New AI object enhancement provides help to efficiently detach the foreground images from backgrounds.

Moreover, the top line of G2 features a reliable panel thickness because it can decrease the thicker bottom 3rd of the screen to provide a much better width. The latest C2 line involves a new blended fiber material frame to make the set light-weight than the C1 line. However, LG didn’t reduce the development for its 8K OLED display. LG display tech upgrades with image quality and a few advanced updates could attract more customers. The new line of TVs will support the Always Ready feature. It is noteworthy that all smart TVs from LG run WebOS, but is now called WebOS 22. LG has also planned to add Room to Room Share for compatible LG TVs. It enables users to send a TV source directly from one LG TV to another using the same Wi-Fi network.

However, the LG LCD display still beats OLED, so the company is also upgrading its 4K QNED line for 2022. The Mini LEDs offer more efficient control of black levels for displays and its 8K displays feature 2,400 local dimming zones. The company also presented various new entry-level UHD sets and they are 56.7mm thinner compared to the previous generation Ultra HD sets. It is important that LG is also enhancing audio to a virtual up-mix of 7.1.2 surround sound, up from last year’s 5.1 because thin panel displays provide bad audio. LG is always working on empowering the native audio chops of TV sets. Now, LG announced a new soundbar with a top-quality speaker to boost voices.

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