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South Korean company LG Display has developed the world’s first 12-inch high-resolution and 20% extra stretchable display screen. The Seoul-based LG Display Company said the new device features a freeform display with a full-color option. The key objective was to extend the screen up to 14-inches with 100-pixels-per-inch resolution support.

The new display is manufactured with a highly irrepressible film-type substrate construction from special silicon, often used in contact lenses. The device also features a micro-LED light source to ensure top-level safety and durability. The company said the new display would attract more inventions for most digital devices including smartphones, and folded, and twisted devices.

Stretchable Displays with Flexible Spring Wired System

However, the flexible spring wired system of the stretchable display isn’t similar to the traditional linear wired system. LG claimed the new device could sustain at least 10,000 repeated changes in its form. Keep in mind that Samsung Electronics is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The company started the foldable phone era in 2019.

Samsung Display claimed that its subsidiary achieved technological development in the panel display. LG is expecting a newly developed display with a thin and lightweight design. It is adaptable to various curved surfaces including skin, cars, aircraft, clothing, and furniture. The company predicted that it would provide a versatile display to various sectors such as wearable, mobility, fashion, and gaming.

Advanced Stretchable Displays with RGB & 100ppi

The Chief Technology Officer at LG Display, Yoon Soo, issued a statement. He said the company will finalize this project to improve the aggressiveness of Korean display technology. This project will continue to lead pattern shifts in the industry. However, LG didn’t provide a specific timeline for the release of this new display. Experts believe that the new stretchable display has tremendous potential.

An analyst at NH Investment & Securities, Ju Min-Woo, issued a statement. He said that stretchable displays would bring key solutions for foldable displays. LG Displays has now developed a new stretchable display with 12 to 14 inches versions. The company issued a press release on Thursday. It says the stretchable display has the capability to display full-color RGB with a resolution of 100ppi.

Stretchable Displays are Thin & Light Weight

The new display was developed using micro-LEDs with a sub-40μm pixel pitch. It is important that these LEDs were developed into a silicon substrate traditionally used for contact lenses. This option provides it with a density similar to a rubber band allowing it 20% more stretching in multiple directions. However, other flexible display technology styles were commercially available such as the LG G Flex phone and LG rollable OLED TV.

Meanwhile, most foldable devices typically use a moldable screen. This latest stretchable display reportedly offers flexibility and much better durability, with the capability of contentment enduring heavy external bumps. LG said stretchable displays are significantly thin and lightweight. You can attach these displays to curved surfaces such as furniture, skin, and clothing.

Samsung Presented an OLED Screen Prototype in 2021

However, the company hasn’t yet announced any products featuring this latest technology. But experts believe that smart devices, gaming, fashion, and wearable industries will eventually utilize this technology. The latest stretchable screen is considered the first prototype from LG Display as part of a government-induced development project.

The key objective of this government-influenced project with the company is to improve display technology till the end of 2024. Keep in mind that LG Display isn’t the only platform discovering more sustainable and stretchable displays. Samsung formerly presented the feasibility of the tech in real-world application in June 2021. The company showcased a stretchable OLED screen in a prototype heart rate monitor.

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