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LG curved OLEDVarious reports have confirmed that LG Display is set to showcase 2 flexible OLED concepts at CES 2022. However, the future of display tech isn’t just giant TVs, but the company will reportedly announce flexible and semi-transparent display innovations. It includes a giant semi-circle chair home entertainment system and a new mechanism to spin. LG made it possible because of the native capabilities of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) with self-emitting light after complete charge because LCD needs backlight and an organic structure allowing it to be manufactured on flexible & thin substrates. Point to be noted that LG Display builds concepts in order to attract consumer-facing companies to manufacture new products according to the consumer’s interest.

It is noteworthy that OLED isn’t just about transparency but also gives a significant amount of flexibility, however early OLED demonstration featured someone rolling up a live screen like paper. LG’s Media Chair concept includes a large semi-circle seating system. There is a reclining chair inside and a 55-inch curved LG OLED with a built-in CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED). Both the recliner and screen rotate in tandem inside the circle to keep the screen efficiently aligned with the viewer. Moreover, the screen can also twist with the touch of a button to rotate 90-degrees. LG has presented a Virtual Ride system that wraps a stationary bike rider in 3 brilliant 55-inch OLEDs from over their heads to the tips of their toes.

These all curves are designed to provide a seamless viewing experience. The topmost panel has a 500R curvature radius. LG Display also claimed that it is the most extreme curve among large screens to date. LG also called it an immersive system, while there are no OLEDs on the left or right side of the rider. These and other LG OLED innovations including earlier experiencing curved chairs, see-through shopping kiosks, and pop-up bed screens had pointed to these flexible displays. Moreover, some mainstream TV manufacturers such as LG Electronics, Panasonic, and Sony are pressing OLED technologies into Ultra HD and 8K-TV service.

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