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LG Display has announced the ‘OLED EX’, claiming its next generation of OLED technology. The company also claimed the new tech would efficiently empower brightness up to 30% than the traditional OLED displays. The new tech could supposedly help to fix a major deficiency of OLED to mini-LED tech, which has a deficiency in overall brightness. LG Display also pointed out that each OLED pixel independently releases light and can effectively & entirely be On or Off. It would enable TVs to give perfect blacks without blooming as experienced on LED TVs. But OLED pixels are unable to hit a similar LED’s brightness levels at the same time.

It is noteworthy that the currently available OLED sets have the capability to provide the display with top brightness levels at around 500-600 nits. However, most of the mini-LED sets are able to provide higher-level display brightness and can hit around 2,000 nits. It is important that OLED EX ‘Evolution/eXperience’ utilizes deuterium compounds to enable LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to discharge much powerful light. LG Display also emphasized that the deuterium compounds have the ability to enable the display to emit stronger light to maintain high efficiency for a longer time period. Moreover, the OLED EX has the ability to provide more enhanced color accuracy. It evidently uses algorithms for usage prediction of 33 million OLED diodes in 8K display.

So it perfectly handles the energy output of display to more correctly manage the entire details and colors of the currently playing video content. LG Display hasn’t yet disclosed its plan about bringing this new technology to market. But LG Display pointed out that the sales of OLED increased by 70% in the last year, in spite of a 12% decrease in the global TV market. A spokesperson for LG Display, Dr. Oh Chang-ho said that the new OLED EX tech is designed to provide a more innovatory and efficient customer experience with the development of this OLED tech, designs, and algorithms.

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