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Latest Version of Skype Solved a Number of issues for Android PhonesSkype has been considered one of the most adoptable chat apps for voice and video conversation. The recent update will enhance audio and video quality on various Android devices. Microsoft has indicated that Android 4.0.3 to 5.1 versions will be able accept this upgrade. It might bring greater and satisfactory audio & video quality for those having inexpensive Android phones and older models. It is important that apps should be light weight on both disk space and memory consumption. Skype is moving efficiently with a new and essential trend to entertain the flourishing markets finding affordable smart-phones. A number of manufacturers are offering the latest and efficient smart-phones in a variety of models under 200 U.S dollars.

Point to be noted that affordability often allows cost effective solution, but you will get less internal storage. So, each installed app will cause slowing down your device and initiates a battle for data. Twitter released Data-friendly Lite version in September 2016 to overcome such issues. Just after a couple of weeks, Facebook released its Messenger Lite for Android. Now, Google has empowered its move by releasing the Android Oreo, also known as Go Edition. It efficiently managed the issue of performance gap for those not able to buy the latest flagships. It is amazing that Skype for Android has been downloaded more than one billion times from Google Play Store. This latest version will be available to devices during next couple of days, but some areas might experience a significant amount of wait to download the latest update.

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