Amazon UK delivery vans

Amazon is installing AI-powered Cameras to monitor Delivery Vans & Drivers

Amazon planned last year to use Artificial Intelligence equipped cameras to monitor delivery drivers. Telegraph reported the company has now started the installation of AI-equipped cameras on its delivery vans in the United Kingdom. The move has generated various concerns from privacy advocates as they called it “creepy and excessive”.

The company aimed to use a pair of cameras inside vans and out the road to record footage. The major objective is to monitor poor driver practices and road violations as well as generate an audio alert. The company will use collected data to evaluate van drivers. However, these cameras will not capture sound and will not allow the monitoring of drivers in real-time.

Delivery Van Cameras can Upload Footage

But it has the ability to upload footage to a concerned safety team in a conclusive condition. Some of the monitoring features include irresponsible road behavior such as speeding or failure to stop. However, some other critical issues include seatbelt violations and hard braking. A privacy group “Big Brother Watch” said the company must stop the implementation of this system.

The privacy group said the system is extreme, invasive, and frightening worker surveillance. A director of the group, Silkie Carlo informed The Telegraph. He said this type of dedicated surveillance threat could basically threaten disturbing drivers. It isn’t good for the rights of workers and is dreadful for privacy in the country.

GMB Union says Cameras are generating disturbances

The GMB union (which represents Amazon workers) said the surveillance cameras inside the vans aren’t essential and could generate major disturbances. A spokesperson for the union said they are against cameras being installed in the face of van drivers every day during their work. However, these cameras are dedicated for surveillance because they can’t offer driver safety.

A spokesperson for Amazon informed the news outlet. He said the main objective of presenting this technology is to keep communities and drivers safe and there isn’t any other reason. The company has brought a considerable data privacy assessment in line with effective laws and regulations. Moreover, Amazon is reportedly using AI to decide the employment status of its delivery drivers.

Cameras will monitor Safety Violations

The Information also reported that the AI-powered surveillance cameras in delivery vans are monitoring the behavior of drivers. These cameras are monitoring drivers for safety violations such as speeding, illegal U-terns, and piggybacking. The news outlet said the installed cameras inside delivery trucks count the number of critically dangerous moves.

It was also said that the company drivers will receive a report card each week. The report card shows their performance level as fantastic or poor and presents how many violations happened after every 100 deliveries. Moreover, delivery drivers with 5 or fewer violations per 100 deliveries will receive a fantastic mark.

The Company could Terminate Poor Score Drivers

Amazon will reportedly eliminate some minimal violations to balance edge cases. However, the company will terminate poor score drivers. Amazon also confirmed that around 45% of its delivery vans are equipped with AI-powered cameras. These efficient systems are improving safety after the installation of surveillance cameras.

The company said these cameras enable drivers to prevent aggressive or risky behavior. The AI-based tech is providing drivers with real-time alerts and helping them to stay safe during driving. The company has implemented the technology on at least 2 million miles of delivery paths. It has generated remarkable results related to safety improvements with a 48% decrease in accidents.

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