Things to Consider When Streamlining a Creative Dialogue

StreamlineIn the beginning of your professional career, you should struggle with status meetings. These regularly move into a deep discussion with someone who is making strange suggestions. You will skip these kinds of most confused meetings. You should take a considerable amount of time to improve your workflow. We are here to share our learning for you.

A Clear Understanding:

When you look at those confused meetings, it is most often noticed that without having a perfect understanding to meet the business goals, many technical and visual issues would be in front of you. You can improve it with the improvement in our learning phase in every new project. Our basic objective is to ensure a clear understanding of the issues and problems for the whole team. We move towards by asking the most perfect questions and to listen carefully. For example, here are some most common and important questions such as, why did you feel to recommend this project to a friend? What kind of problems really distressing you? What kind of first change you need to see? How do you think this project or product is beneficial for the company?

Running Interviews:

Running interviews may be complex, but it all depends on the conversation, to detect the real needs and expectations or problems. You must ask only one question at a time and focus on the other person. The question must be as simple as it is possible. Simple questions may not be simple to answer. Always give some seconds or space for thinking their answers. So, a few seconds of silence are much necessary. You should prepare yourself for long answers having all types of related information. Keep trying to memorize these answers having non-contextual information. Learn to find a specific answer which can be given in less than a minute time, keep your answer shorter and easy to understand. This kind of trick would help in removing irrelevant context. Recording audio or video interviews would be another great and easy way.

Learnings And Observations:

To bundle up the result of your learning phase, we provide a presentation of learning and observations. It enables to memorize a complete picture and also gives a perfect overview of some major expectations and goals.

Teamwork Wins Championships:

We normally meet once a week with our client to discuss feedback and their progress. In these meetings, we collect some new creative visions, but sometimes we noticed misunderstanding on a specific objective.

The Right Environment:

We often invite our clients for workshops in our studio. This enable us to spend half a day, but facilitating days and nights is much more difficult.

Stand Up, Speak Up:

We encourage each team member to share their own views publicly. During standup meeting, we provide a positive environment for next session. A better team understands which stories can perform great features.

Encourage Visual Communication:

We always motivate visual communication. Like something touchable to discuss or talk for much better understanding and encourage positive feedback for betterment.

Facilitate Ideation:

To make a much easier way between teams to motivate discussion and feedback, we always follow some certain rules such as, an idea of generating problem and most perfect solution to tackle it.

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