Biggest & Brightest Pink Super Moon event to take place on 7th April 2020

Biggest & Brightest Pink Super Moon event to take place on 7th April 2020Scientists have confirmed that Tuesday, 7th April will mark a historical event because it will present the first full moon of spring 2020, called the Pink Super Moon (the biggest & brightest moon of the year). Point to be noted that the major reason is the more elliptical or oval-shaped orbit of the moon than it is circular. An astronomer with the Royal Observatory, UK, Tania de Sales Marques informed a reliable news outlet and said, “What is commonly called a supermoon happens when the moon comes closest to us, at perigee, and is either at a full moon or new moon phase. So a full moon is also a supermoon when the full phase coincides with perigee”.

Marques also said, “A full moon coinciding with perigee is an annual event, but since a supermoon is not so strictly defined, the threshold for what’s considered a supermoon may vary to also include full moons that come close to the bottom edge of the path or perigee. This more relaxed definition can give us more than one supermoon per year”. It is noteworthy that every orbit takes 27.3 days to complete and includes a path called perigee. The Royal Museums Greenwich has indicated that supermoons appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a full moon at the top edge of a path or furthest point, called the apogee.

Moreover, Sales Marques said they are slightly bigger than a regular full moon. So, most majority of observers may not find a noticeable difference. Marque added, “A full moon at perigee is just 7 percent larger than a regular full moon, so the difference in size is not discernible, however, it does appear slightly brighter than usual”. It is important that April’s supermoon is the 2nd of three to take place in a row. The Pink Super Moon will take place on 7th April, following the Super Worm Moon of March, and before the Super Flower Moon of May as it is due to take place on 7th May 2020. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has indicated that the Earth’s satellite will approach 221,800 miles from us and considered the perfect time to observe the supermoon at 10:35 p.m. EDT.

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