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How to Avert Overheating Phones – Phone Repairs in Vancouver
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It is normal for smartphones to heat up when phone users use such phones often on a daily basis. It is specifically true when you charge your battery, as it transfers heat from a charger to your device. Additionally, if you find out that your smartphone is too hot to handle, it can trigger a serious issue. You may need to consult an expert at phone repairs in Vancouver in such a scenario. Nevertheless, there are ways you can avert overheating your smartphone. Further, we are going to help you prevent overheating your smartphone via our tips.

How Can You Thwart Overheating Your Smartphone?

In the summer, you may likely heat up your cell phone while sitting in a hot car or in direct sunlight. Nonetheless, you can avert your phone from overheating if you stick to the precautions. Besides, you need to take good care of your cell phone in the same way you care about your body. Please do not forget that overheating smartphones can lead to several problems. Low battery life, and CPU melting, to name a few. Further, capitalizing on the following tips can help you avert overheating your cell phone:

Turn off Unused Applications on Your Cell Phone:

When a cell phone has several applications open at once, it consumes more processing power. Consequently, it overheats the device. Therefore, it is important that you do not let unused apps on your device run in the background. You should close unused apps on your device whenever possible for you. If you own an iPhone, you can close apps on your device as follows: Double-click on the home button and swipe up on the app to close an app.

Disable Bluetooth on Your Device:

Bluetooth and other battery-draining features in cell phones increase the amount of heat that phones generate. Besides, if you leave Bluetooth on your device open all the time, it may lead you to replace the battery of your cell phone. In any case, you can always count on an expert at phone repairs in Vancouver for a battery replacement. You should ensure that Bluetooth mode is disabled in your smartphone when you do not use it.

Further, if your cell phone connects to Bluetooth once you enter your car, disconnect the auto-pairing feature immediately. Then, you may manually connect your Bluetooth when you need to use it.

Switch to Airplane Mode When Outside:

You may need to spend your time outside in the heat for long hours. If you do, it is best that you turn on airplane mode on your device. Turning on this mode will also disable the ability of your phone to use cellular radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. In airplane mode, you cannot access Wi-Fi or incoming calls. Thus, you should use airplane mode when you are not expecting to receive any urgent calls.

Decrease the Brightness of Your Device:

Increasing the brightness of your phone will cause your phone to use more battery power. Consequently, it will increase the internal temperature of your device. It is best that you invest in an anti-glare screen protector to see clearly on a hot day. It will help, specifically when you may feel the need to increase the brightness of your phone on a hot day. Besides, you can also find the right type of screen protector for your device in esteemed phone repair shops.

Avoid Using Your Phone in Direct Sunlight:

It is imperative that you protect your device from the harmful rays of the sun. Protecting your phone from direct sunlight will also aid you in preventing your phone from overheating. Please note that overexposure to sunlight can cause damage to your phone. It is because cell phones continue absorbing heat from the sun in direct sunlight. As a result, cell phones become hotter and eventually suffer damage. Thus, make sure you do not expose your phone to direct sunlight.

If your cell phone works well, you should try implementing these tips. It will help you thwart your cell phone from overheating. Furthermore, if your device is experiencing problems, it is best that you contact a phone repair expert. But make sure you choose a phone repair service with a positive reputation for phone repairs.

Phone Repairs in Vancouver


It is normal for your smartphone to heat up when you use it often daily. Overheating a smartphone can possibly make it too hot for you to handle. Further, you will need to contact an expert at phone repairs in Vancouver in such a scenario. To finish, you can prevent overheating your cell phone if you stick to the following tips:

  • Turn off Unused Applications on Your Cell Phone.
  • Disable Bluetooth on Your Device.
  • Switch to Airplane Mode When Outside.
  • Decrease the Brightness of Your Device.
  • Avoid Using Your Phone in Direct Sunlight.
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