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Google to release Android 12L Operating System for Smartphones and TabletsAndroid 12 Operating System is the most recent version from Google for smartphones and tablets. But the company will release an Android 12L version, primarily designed for tablets and other large-screen devices like foldable smartphones. Most tech experts believe that the new version of the software might be an unfinished and buggy version. They recommend everyone should wait for the final release of the software or at least a public beta. Point to be noted that the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro can run the Android 12L developer beta. Most people are frustrated and questioning why Google is making Android 12L? Android 12L is designed to make Android shine on tablets and foldable phones.

Moreover, the ‘L’ presumably stands for ‘Large’ or ‘Large screen’, and it’s arguably something that the operating system has long needed. Android 12L is set to launch sometime in 2022. Google’s own site mentioned ‘early 2022’; while Gizmodo claimed the update will land in the 2nd quarter of 2022, which clearly points sometime between April and June. Most tech sites said it will be released either May or June, but we’d guess April will mark the launch of the new Android 12 OS. However, Android 12L is already available in the form of a developer preview for select devices, including Pixel phones from the Pixel 3a onwards and the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. But you can also run it as emulation on other devices.

It is noteworthy that Google is currently applying a one-size-fits-all approach to its OS. But, in practice, the experience on a large screen can be quite different to on a small one, and with Android mostly designed around phones that can make it clunky on larger devices or simply mean that the extra space isn’t being used optimally. So, Android 12L is actually Android 12 with some large-screen tweaks and a few exclusive features that wouldn’t work well on a phone instead of big ones like foldable smartphones. It’s a similar idea then to what Apple has done with iPadOS, which spun off from iOS.

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