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Get new update of Google Chrome with more advanced featureA massive amount of online users love browsing using Google Chrome and they now need to hit the update button. Users can explore a new feature that groups tabs together to make them all easier to find. It is an important update for those who have endless tabs open and can never find what they are looking for. Point to be noted that the Group Tabs is a very simple concept. Users just need to do right-click on a tab that’s open and select ‘Add a tab to new group’ from the drop-down menu. You can also change the color of the group even give it a name. Once you have done it, simply click and drag other tabs into the group.

It is noteworthy that you can make as many groups as you like but Google has limited the color options to eight. Just click Chrome in the Menu bar then About Chrome to check if your browser is up to date. Your browser will then check for updates before asking you to re-launch the software. The US technology firm has started updating browsers across the world with a new feature that instantly blocks annoying adverts that require too much memory. Blocking these ads will also eat up less of your precious mobile data and battery life on phones and laptops could also be vastly improved. Google has indicated that the company is trying to improve the ad experience by discouraging advertisers from creating messages that use large, poorly compressed images and video.

Google Chrome is the most famous desktop browser all around the world. It boasts a frankly staggering lead over its rivals such as Microsoft Edge and Firefox. It is noteworthy that Google Chrome currently holds a jaw-dropping 72.12% slice of the desktop browser marketplace. Chrome has a significant amount of lead over its rivals, Edge having 9.24% and Firefox 7.27% share of the desktop browser marketplace. There are many reasons Chrome has moved into such a leading position. One of the major reasons is that Google Chrome is most popular because of its speed and reliability. The latest Chrome update is able to deliver up to 10% faster page loads. The Mountain View firm has managed to expand upon one of Google Chrome’s strongest aspects with its latest update.

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