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Garmin still doesn’t feature a unique ECG (electrocardiogram) app, whereas, it focused on its health-related wearable. But the company is now filling that gap by presenting a simply-titled ECG App. The supposed app is reportedly compatible with other devices. It has the capability to study your heartbeat and find afib (atrial fibrillation).

Meanwhile, you can sync your results with Garmin Connect to obtain a report and share it with health providers. This option is more useful when you feel or discover signs of trouble. You should make intelligent decisions for your selection of devices to use this software. It is noteworthy that Garmin is currently providing the app just for Venu 2 Plus subscribers in the United States.

Venu 2 Plus Owners Must Update Software & Connect App

Moreover, Venu 2 Plus owners will need to just update both their software and the Connect app. The company is reportedly planning to offer support for more brands’ devices and countries randomly. But it would need more government authorizations. So, your running watch will not supposedly get an ECG app in the near future. The recent move marked the first app for Garmin in getting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

This app wasn’t aimed at an authoritative judgment on your heart health without detecting cardiac issues like similar apps. Doctors often use a multi-lead system but your watch just offers functionality comparable to a single-lead ECG. A multi-lead system traditionally presents a more determined scenario of your health condition. The Vice President of Garmin, Dan Bartel, issued a statement.

The Cellular-Connected Kids’ Smartwatch Series

Bartel said this app is actually supportive of discovering afib in the early stages. But it was supposedly hard to detect at a clinic. However, there are various types of substitutes for that must-have feature is the ECG. Google, Apple, Samsung, and others earlier offered the technology in their watches for a significant period of time.

Meanwhile, it is more difficult to explain having more options. It would supposedly become attractive if you lean towards Garmin’s complete health and fitness tracking effectiveness. Verizon has also released the latest version in its cellular-connected kids’ series of smartwatches. You can get a children’s wearable Gizmo Watch 3 at just $150.

Basic Smart Features for Gizmo Watch 3

The Gizmo Watch 3 offers basic smart features and enables parents to keep an eye on their activities and location. However, the latest Verizon watch mixtures the company’s objective of offering a secure smartwatch experience for children. The new model features a front-facing camera to enable children to make video calls, record messages, and take photos.

However, smartwatch cameras can feature privacy options, valuable for children without already have a smartphone camera. The latest version allows parents to add safer zones and specific areas. It would restrict children not to leave without the watch notifying parents. Keep in mind that the latest model offers double the number of trusted contacts to avoid setup.

Gizmo Watch 3 Offers 80% More Talk Time

Meanwhile, the Gizmo Watch 3 features a new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform processor. Verizon claimed the chip supports adding 20% more standby time and 80% more talk time compared to its ancestors. The watch also gets Bluetooth for the first time with the capability to pair the wearable with wireless earbuds. The device has new watch faces including one that can modify the seasons, time, and day.

Moreover, the latest watch also adds 3 new games including Puzzle, Tic Tac Toe, and Gizmo Says. You can get the Gizmo Watch 3 on Thursday from Verizon in Mint and Blue Clay color options. The carrier would enable customers to pay it off over 36 months if they don’t need to pay the full $150. Verizon is also running a deal and you can buy one and get a second for $100 off.

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